"I'll have you whenever I want!"

    He didn't want to process that thought. He didn't need to.  He did know what the Nymph could do and was lying wait for her. He didn't want to think the odds thoughts. He didn't know if he would be able to steer of them. He wasn't so bridled of course. He had always been loose and hadn't learnt to deal with the loose end. He did wish that he would be able to tame the rage and have his way around the whole thing. He really did wish. That was the only thing he could do. He couldn't had done better. Wish was the best pull. He wasn't waiting for the Nymph. He wanted to see what she would do. He probably was nursing the wrong thoughts. He had seen quite the numbers of things and shouldn't be surprised if something odd did take a new form. He didn't know what to be surprised about anymore. He would only wait. He wouldn't have to wait forever of course. He had never waited forever ever. It did have a sp

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