My Infatuation With Death

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My Infatuation With Death

By: Untethered one OngoingFantasy

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Conrad Garnier the former first prince of a nation called "Alkatash" is banished from royalty. With his fiance Regina Clement he settles in an obscure town of adventures far from his country so he could live in peace. One day he meets the soul reaper herself, and becomes curious about her. Read as his curiosity turns into obsession and how it affects his relation with Regina, Explore the continent of Guernia through this story.

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  • Untethered one


    I am currently in the middle of updating all the written chapters ..... once that is done ... I will reply to this message

    2024-02-06 17:29:10
  • Untethered one


    This is my first book. Please support me if you like my writing, I guess. To be honest, commenting on my own book feels weird. Even if you didn't like my book 'Thanks for reading'

    2023-10-18 03:33:26
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82 chapters
Chapter 1 : A Fine Morning
Perspective : Conrad Garnier ............................... Story starts through Conrad's Narration ......................................................................................................... "Death" is a terrifying word. Everyone is afraid of dying. I don't believe anyone who says otherwise. Even legendary warriors are afraid of death, because to become legends you must surpass death and death can only be surpassed by surviving and surviving isn't possible in a battlefield if you don't have a fear for death. But my question is why is Death considered so terrifying?.Is it because Death is unknown to us. Everyone is afraid of Dying because it is unpredictable. People don't know what comes after Death. Many people around the world construct various theories and speculations based on religious foundations. Many believe Death is not the end and Death is just an act of shedding, like people change their clothes for a new one , in the same way it is believed that our souls
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Chapter 2 : Words of encouragement
Perspective: Conrad GarnierThe snowy fog was thick, barely anything was visible. The map we were given was of no use, but we had been living there for a month, as much as I couldn't say for myself, I was very bad at remembering places and roads, but Regina was very adaptive. She was good at remembering roads, so following her lead, we made our way towards that mine. The air was very cold and heavy, our legs were aching with the freezing chilliness of the snow. The only thing in my mind, was the taste of that boiled crab soup that we were going to have. To counteract the freezing weather, I summoned the spell "Warming Light". With a flick of my finger, a captivating orb of light materialized and floated around us, emanating a comforting glow. Not only did it enhance our vision, but its gentle warmth embraced us, like various other past situations. After an hour's worth of tracking in the snow I, Regina and Elkdrack found a flipped signboard that said,"Warning, only authorised person
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Chapter 3 : My Little Timid Rabbit
Perspective : Conrad GarnierThe bell rang and we raised our mugs with alcohol."Cheers". An adventurer's life is filled with adventure danger and booze, a lot and a lot of booze. The carcass of the crab, we ended up giving it to the guild for harvesting materials and meat, the materials were divided to the guild and us, as they took 20 percent of the share. And well the meat, we ended up letting them prepare a feast for all of us. The hall was filled with adventurers all cheering for us, as we defeated those giant crabs."Cheers to the silver Valkyrie of Ustrax".Silver Valkyrie is a title given by the guild to Regina. As she is a lady that is respected by both men and women. To my right was Elkdrack and to my left was Yuna, as in the Ice Witch Yuna, She had strikingly vibrant blue hair, a distinctive blue robe, and a magnificent, pointy hat that embodied the traditional attire of witches. But her skin was otherworldly, as if it transcended mortal bounds. legends say that she was
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Chapter 4 : An Encounter or an Illusion
Perspective : Conrad GarnierHe adorned himself with a thick leather armor, sporting an eye patch, a snake symbol on his neck, a clean-shaven bald head, had a great sword strapped on to his back, and appeared to be quite intoxicated. Accompanying him were two equally dubious-looking companions. He rose from his chair and shouted."Quit your mindless prattle! ... let me enjoy my drink in peace." He shouted in response to the constant praise Regina was receiving from those other adventurers, which seem to have gotten on his nerves.Amidst that, Elkdrack asked me,"Do you know that guy?".I replied,"No .... haven't seen him around here before ...".I said while addressing his companions,"Nor them".Regina was an exceptional mage, she hit "S" rank in no time. yes, that should not be as much of an impressive feat if she was a man. but the fact was, she wasn't. Lady adventurers in general were quite rare because it was said that the constitution of mana in a female is weaker than that o
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Chapter 5 : My Infatuation
Perspective : Regina Clement"It's Conrad, he was bleeding down the road .... "."We took him to saint Luis's healing church".Upon hearing that my heart momentarily stopped beating.I didn't notice who was in front of me, I pushed them aside, without a moment's break I grabbed Kelvin's shoulder and asked"How is he ?".He said "We are not sure, he has lost a lot of blood, .... I think he may not survive".I left Kelvin and ran towards saint Luis's healing church.With every step I took, my mind became consumed with darkened thoughts.(What if he doesn't make it?)(What will I do if he dies?).Those were the absurd thoughts that plagued my thinking. With every step I took My imagination painted a devastating picture of a world without Conrad, it was horrible and my heart was shattered.In my haste to see his face again, I had forgotten to take my coat. The air was cold, as were the tears that were streaming down my cheeks.I could feel the burden of snow pressing against my bare should
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Chapter 6 : Reconciliation
Perspective : Conrad GarnierAs my consciousness drifted into a peaceful slumber, I experienced the sensation of being gently carried by someone. Then I didn't remember anything.I opened my eyes before two nuns, I took in my surroundings, I found that I was placed upon an altar.There I saw statues of a man holding a book, I immediately knew where I was.It was Saint Luis's healing church.Saint Luis's healing church was a religious sect that has established its presence in multiple countries. Centuries ago, a wandering saint, blessed by the goddess of healing, Asclepius, roamed from battlefield to battlefield, using his miraculous healing magic to aid the injured. He showed no discrimination towards any soldiers, irrespective of their affiliation, be it the winning or losing side. During those endeavours he was captured and executed by a king, whose identity was never to be revealed. Later his followers all across the world revered him and worshipped him, soon Saint Luis's healing
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Chapter 7 : The Weeping Girl
Perspective : Acheri (Monster)[This is a narration from a monster's point of view, she was human once, but being a monster for centuries, sometimes makes her forget her former identity, you would often see those in this narration, she is a true monster, only memories inside her are human]"Oh dear you must be freezing, come over here".He called me towards him.(Why does he always do this, is he not aware of who I am?)(Or is he just insane?).No one, except this human does this.(Why?) Every time someone saw me, they would shoot arrows and strange orbs at me. So, when he first approached, It was a new experience for me. Besides, I didn't like humans because they were greedy and evil. They were even worse than monsters. They believed their actions and discrimination against others were justified by gods. But we monsters knew nothing about these gods.Some of them are kind but those are easily corrupted. They would stick to hollow notions of self justification, to do unspeakable dee
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Chapter 8 : An Odd Request
Perspective: Conrad GarnierIt was another cold day on a series of cold days.As, I struggled to open my eyes, I found them heavy with drowsiness. I gently caressed my cheek, to clear up the stray droplet of droll still sticking in my cheeks.While, stretching my sore limbs, I let out a satisfying yawn.Leaving my bed, I made my way downstairs, descending each step carefully.Down I saw regina preparing breakfast for us, Regina used to cook for us occasionally. As today we had no guild jobs. There was no rush so, I slept till late.We lived in a two-story building that we bought with the help of my connections when we moved here. Our bedrooms, including mine, Regina's, and a guest room, were on the second floor. The lower floor had a kitchen, dining area, toilet, and bathroom.As I yawned once again Regina scolded me,"Haven't you had enough sleep already,Now freshen up, ..... breakfast is ready".I made my way towards the bathroom and washed myself, then me and Regina had our breakf
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Chapter 9 : Last Resort
Perspective : Conrad Garnier................ useful information. ........................The rank of an adventurer is a direct reflection of their strength and abilities. The higher the rank, the greater the power they possess. It is possible to purchase ranks using gold, but be cautious as it could potentially put you in trouble. By doing so, you may be excluded from lower-ranking jobs and assigned only high-risk missions where your life would truly be at stake. Nevertheless, some nobles still choose to buy their ranks, driven by their desire to maintain their pride.Patrick was different, he was surely a noble but his rank had been well earned, his abilities and skills matched the one truly belonging to Orichalcum rank.The adventurer ranks begin with Rank E and go all the way up to Legendary. Initially, adventurers pass through the ranks of E, D, and C as a formality when starting their journey. However, it's important to note that these ranks do not accurately reflect a person's
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Chapter 10 : A New Job
Perspective : Conrad Garnier.................. Inside Conrad's dream ..............(This isn't)(Where am I?)I found myself on a vast snow covered field, snow and snow, as far as the eye could see.(Yet .... I don't feel any cold) An ethereal stillness hung in the air. That was when, the silence was broken, by the distant sound of crunching footsteps, growing steadily closer, as I turned, my eyes widened in both fear and fascination.Emerging from the fog was a black shadow, Its figure morphed and contorted elongating in unnatural ways.It carried a gleaming knife, with a wicked blade reflecting the moonlight, casting an eerie glow upon the snow, as I ran, the contrast between dark silhouette and luminous surroundings intensified, my sense of danger.(The hell...)(Leave me alone)As, I continued to run, my heart raced and the shadow's feature became more discernible. It's hair was of an otherworldly state of Vibrant green, floated around its face creating an ominous aura.It looke
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