Supplementary Chapter 15

       "Why do you have to disbelief always?"

    The voice came again. He didn't know what to believe. He could hear the sound coming from the tree but how possibly could be knuckle under the fact that a tree was speaking to him. If he did tell others about it how many would take him seriously? He was skeptical. He had no idea but would figure out soonest. 

    He turned and looked back at the Raven. It was still sitting on the branch of the tree, feasting on the acorns that it had taken, and acting as though all was normal. 

   Of course it should be normal for a typical bird. What was he thinking? Was he thinking that the bird would come to his aid and tell him what he was supposed about to know about the mystery he had been enveloped in? He wasn't so sure about it but he wanted to be. 

     If only he could control th

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