The Blood of The Dragon

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The Blood of The Dragon

By: Sotonye CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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David slowly opened his eyes and saw that he was now a small child riding on a dragon but not just any dragon, a golden dragon and behind him was a woman holding on to him tightly with tears falling down from her eyes. Before David could raise his head and see the face of the woman the dragon landed, landing in front of a familiar orphanage David recognized from the broken fragments of his memory he was able to recall. David upon seeing the orphanage realized that where he was and everything, he was seeing was memory of his past but this one, unlike the others, wasn’t an unclear broken fragment, it felt real, almost as though everything he was seeing was really happening. The woman then with tears still falling down from her eyes carried David and came down from golden dragon, revealing her face to be none other than Ibierana, the Golden Dragon Warrior. David upon seeing her face was beyond shocked, wondering how he knew the Golden Dragon Warrior from his past but finally realizing something, something everything from the temple calling out to him to his ability to control all four elements and even the golden power he used against the elemental beast pointed to, something he had ignore to just refused to accept all together, thinking that it was an impossibility.

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44 chapters
A long time ago, in a land far different from the one you know lived a strange, mysterious, and mystical world, where creatures of all kinds roamed the earth but among all those creatures that walked the earth one stood apart from all the rest and they were the dragon warriors. Dragon warriors were beings that looked human but possessed the powers of the mystical and powerful dragon. In all the land, among all the creatures that roamed both land, air and sea there was nothing quite like a dragon warrior. Five kinds of dragon warriors existed in the world back then, the fire dragon warriors who could command and control flames hot enough to melt solid steel, the earth dragon warriors who possessed the strength and raw power of the earth itself, the water dragon warriors who could command and control water including the seas, rivers and oceans, the air dragon warriors who could command the full fury of the wind, and finally the most powerful of all dragon warriors, the golden dragon
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Chapter 1
An air dragon warrior rode his white scaled air dragon through the night sky, making his way to a small village.He landed his dragon near a house in the village.The air dragon warrior then got off his dragon and the very moment it did the dragon disappeared.The air dragon warrior, who was severely wounded with blood dripping out of his body carrying something on his arms went to the house and then knocked at the door.A few moments later the door opened up and a woman stepped out of the door.“Victor” said the woman, shocked to see the air dragon warrior so badly wounded.The air dragon warrior could barely walk because of how serious his wounds were.He attempted to take a step closer to the woman but stumbled and almost fell down to the ground but the woman managed to catch him before he could.“What happened to you?” asked the woman.“Don’t worry about me, I came here because of him” said the air dragon warrior before he opened up his arms, revealing the young unconscious boy he had
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Chapter 2
Years passed and David grew, living with Abari in her home. It took some time but slowly Abari found herself loving and caring for David as if he was her own child, forgetting about the power sealed with him and treating him like a normal child. David, as time passed became fully convinced that he was an ordinary air dragon and that whatever power he believed he had only existed in his dreams. David didn’t remember much about his past or where he came from but Abari made sure he didn’t get too curious, dismissing any questions he may have about his past and then tried to convince him that his past did not matter but no matter how hard Abari tried she could not stop him from wondering and being curious about his past and the life he lived before they met. He would often try to remember his life before he met Abari but could only manage to recall bits and pieces of his past which were never clear, usually all David could manage to recall was the faint of a woman's voice whispering so
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chapter 3
David and Abari walked through the forest on their way back to the village but before they could leave the forest David heard the roar of a high up, in the sky above his head.David then looked to see what could make a roar so high up and then he saw, flying high up in the sky a red fire dragon covered with scales that were as red as flames, and on the fire-dragon was a man.David couldn't help but smile as he had never before seen a dragon in real life before, it looked as elegant and graceful as he flew through the night sky but then with a loud roar, almost as though it was in pain it disappeared and the man who rode on its back began to fall.Abari who saw the dragon and how it disappeared just stood there in shock, wondering why the dragon would disappear and allow the dragon warrior who rode on it to fall.David, without much of a thought in his mind then rushed, jumping from tree to tree, using the power of the wind to propel him further and further to the sky with each and eve
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Chapter 4
The next day Abari had to leave to collect some herbs from the forest and since she could not leave Binaru alone in the state he was in David had to stay behind to watch him as she felt more comfortable leaving David alone with Binaru now knowing that Binaru would not hurt him.She also hoped that he would tell David about the horrors he had experienced in his time as a Golden Dragon Guard, hoping that upon hearing those stories he would be discouraged to leave.David who was now alone with Binaru was free to ask him any question and Abari was there to stop him.“Who are you?” asked David.Binaru just smiled before answering David’s question, saying, “My name is Binaru and I’m a Golden Dragon Guard”.“What is Golden Dragon Guard?” asked David.Binaru smiled once more before answering David’s question, find David’s curiosity amusing.“The Golden Dragon Guards are a group of dragon warrior who had taken an oath to fight and protect the worlds from the dark dragon warriors” said Binaru.
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Chapter 5
As David slept, he had a strange dream, similar to the memory that came to him when Binaru spoke about the dark dragon warriors.In his dream David saw himself standing face to face with the fire dragon warrior he saw in his memory, surrounded by dragon warriors in the forest.“Come with us now boy and we promise not to harm you” said the fire dragon warrior.“No, you can’t make me,” said David.“You will come with us whether you want to or not” said the fire dragon warrior before he grabbed David by the arm.“Let go of ME!!!!!!” said David as his voice slowly became as deep and ferocious as that of a dragon and his eyes glowing with violet light.After David spoke a flash of light consumed everything for a brief moment but when the light began to disappear, David witnessed something that would send chills down any man’s spine.All the dragon warriors that surrounded him laid down on the ground dead and lifeless, some of them were impaled with spike made out of stone that sprouted out
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Chapter 6
Dragon warrior were not known only for their tremendous strength and power; they were also remarkable fast healers as fatal wounds that would take months to heal in a regular man would take a few days to heal in a dragon warrior because of this Binaru’s wounds healed fast and he was able to recover in a matter of days.It was now time for David to make a decision as Binaru, dress in his Golden Dragon Guard armor, stood at the door ready to leave, having been fully healed of all his injuries.David and Abari stood before him to see him off.David though, had his head bowed down as still hadn’t decided yet and he knew he had a make up his mind fast before Binaru left.“Here you go” said Abari as she gave him a bag filled with food.“What’s this for?” asked Binaru.“Think of it as a thank you for fighting to keep our world safe from the threat of the dark dragon warrior” said Abari.Binaru smiled upon hearing what Abari said before saying, “Thank you, honestly I don’t know what I would h
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Chapter 7
David and Binaru flew through the skies, above the clouds on fire dragon’s back. As the rode David looked down to see the magnificent fields, hills, valleys and rivers below where creatures of all kind lived, like the green antelope with fur as green as the grass it grazed upon and antlers that resembled the wooden branches of a tree or the serpent, a snake like creature that lived the rivers below that had the ability spew out massive jets of water out of its mouth. David then looked up to sky above his head and saw colorful birds called rainbow canaries who sang melodious as they flew passed them. David could not believe how incredible and mystical the world as never before seen such breath taking, beautiful and mystifying lands before. The sun soon began to slowly disappear and the darkness of the night began to consume everything. David and Binaru had been riding the dragon throughout the entire day and as night began to all Binaru knew he had to land the dragon so they could
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Chapter 8
After riding through the sky for a long time as night began to fall David heard Binaru say, “take a look David, we are finally here”. David then looked down below and saw massive building that bared the crust of all five dragons; a water dragon, fire dragon, air dragon, earth dragon and a massive golden dragon at the center. David then realized that the building must have been the Dragon Academy Binaru told him about. As they flew down closer to the Dragon Academy David noticed what looked like an ancient golden temple not too far from the academy. “What is that?” asked David, pointing at the golden temple. “That, it’s the Temple of The Golden Dragon Warrior, not much is known about it other than its doors can only be opened by a golden dragon warrior. Legend says that within the temple walls is hidden an artifact of great and immense power” said Binaru. “What kind of artifact?” asked David? “No more knows for sure though rumors say the artifact hidden inside the temple was wha
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Chapter 9
David was dragged through the empty academy’s halls by Flani. “Where are you taking me?” asked David as Flani continued to drag him. “The room you’ll be staying in while you are allowed to stay within the academy’s walls” said Flani. Flani dragged David through the hallway, passing different rooms. As they walked through the hall way David noticed strange symbols on the doors on some of the rooms they passed, some had a symbol of fire, some of earth, some of water and others of air. “Why are they symbols on those doors?” asked David. “Those doors lead to the rooms where the students of the academy stay, the ones with the fire symbol are for fire dragon warriors, water for water dragon warriors, and earth for earth dragon warriors. All the students in the academy are currently fast asleep, observing the curfew, all students of the academy are expected to fast asleep before the tenth hour at night” said Flani. Flani then took him to one of the rooms that had an air symbol on it.
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