*How much longer would we have to walk?* 

     He didn't know what to say or ask. His thoughts were of their own accord. They flowed freely with no objection or restriction. And he had no right to stop or mute them. He simply would let them be and doing that wouldn't be too much a task. His legs were beginning to quake. Like the hankering of the hoisted hay. Like the lips of a wrenching cloud. Like the hips of a pregnant woman. He could simply just stop walking. He could really. He felt the hurl urge to, but he decided to ignore it. It's been a voluptuous while since he took that kinda walk. He was used to carriages and carts. He wouldn't had mind if she had asked them to use either of the two. But he had simply followed outta what he would call love or whatever. He was sure that he wasn't in love with her. How could he be? They hadn't been acquainted since like forever. She had been only a stranger in his life. A visitor in his

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