Elio Freyr: Burn Thy Wounds

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Elio Freyr: Burn Thy Wounds

By: Sami Kim OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A sudden unexplained attack happened in the town of Vizca that led to the death of thousands of people in town including the whole family of Elio Freyr. Elio Freyr was a second year student at Vizca Heights Academy - the School of Magic where he was mastering and discovering his own abilities and powers using his own magic. He was once a cheerful confident teenage boy, who loved studying everything about magic and who once had many friends, but things happened out of his watch. He changed. No friends, no family, and no interest in anything. He came back to the Academy two years later after the incident. Something is missing in his puzzle and there were many clues that were leading him to the Academy - Clues that can solve the mystery of how his family died, and so he decided to step inside the Academy again. While solving his own problems, he will stumble upon secrets after secrets that the Academy had hidden for many years to everyone, and that will lead to another destructive attack from the unknown. He will work his way up to get back on track after years of searching for answers for that one particular attack that had killed not only his family, but also his childhood that had forced him to grow alone in the dark. Soon enough, he will stand stronger, braver and full of confidence once again, and will try to change the course of his life the way he wanted it to be, and to fight for what is right and his rights as an individual, carrying and embracing the wounds of his past to fix his burned heart and lost soul.

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Chapter 1: The Infirmary
“Get up!” The echoes of his frustrated and angered voice bumped into the four walls of the black room with no windows and door, while looking with his dagger eyes towards the man who was already bleeding, lying flat on the ground. “I said Get up, Elio, what the hell? Fight, you asshole.” There was no response from him despite everything that he had said. He was still lying there, not doing anything. His eyes were closed, and his breathing pattern was out of normal, but he still looked so fine even with his bleeding lips, and wounded face. “It’s been two years, man. You need to move forward. We all lost someone important that day, but look at us, we’re coping up. We’re trying.”Elio Freyr let out a little laugh that caused him to cough blood from his mouth. He turned to his left side and pulled himself up with all the strength left within him. “Now you’re laughing. How could you?” He watched him with furrows in between his brows as he run his hand through his hair, tyring to mainta
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Chapter 2: Changes
"Well Mr. Freyr, if I am just going to show off, I should've manipulated everything that people are seeing using my Light in order to hide our almost ruined town from the attack from two years ago."Elio Freyr broke their eye contact first and helped himself to sit on the bed in order to get away from her, fast. When the past is already the topic, the first thing Elio wanted to do is to run away, and that's what he did for the past two years of his life. "Running away won't solve anything." Madam Loury faced him and out of nowhere said those words that he didn't expect to hear. "And this is why running away is worth it because of people like you who doesn't know how to stop when you should be." Madam Loury's expression went flat, and after a while, she just shrugged her head and sighed. Elio Freyr really has a way to annoy and make the people around him feel so frustrated with and without using words."Drink this." A glass filled with green liquid appeared in her hand through a s
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Chapter 3: A Dream
The rumbling thunder started to roar in the sky. Dark clouds were slowly crawling over the town of Vizca, making the place darker and colder. People on land were mesmerized by the sudden phenomena, watching the clouds as it covered their place. Birds were flying to different places, searching for a place to stay to avoid being in darkness. It was when a very strong lightning struck the open space on land, when the people outside their houses started to panic. It has never occurred to them that it might happen in their own place, but it was happening in front of their eyes. The lightning left a mark on the ground - two triangles intersecting with each other, one was inverted, forming a star, and in the middle, there was a circle with a little skull inside. Once they saw it, people already had an idea what was happening. Elderlies went outside their homes with the adults, while children were forced to get back inside and hide from there. Another lightning struck the land, as power
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Chapter 4: Old Friends
Another day had started in the Academy. Elio Freyr was enjoying his lunch alone in the Academy's cafeteria when a group of students entered the hall, and sat on the next table across from him. They were all quiet, and it seemed like there was a tension in that circle of students in front of him. A woman in a black blouse and with silver hair named Thea caught up staring straight at him as soon as she found her own seat. Her eyes were beaming with longingness, and concern registered all over her face. Her sudden action caught everyone's attention, and one by one, they followed where her gaze was fixed. The quiet and heavy atmosphere in their circle has become even more obvious, and got a lot heavier. Everyone knew what had happened between Ayden and Elio a day before, but no one had ever spoken about it since. Elio Freyr and Ayden were quite famous back then. They were friends, the best of the best, and no one could separate them once they had started doing something together. Bu
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Chapter 5: The Seer
"You can see me. I'm sure of that." Elio kept his head up high and fixed his sight straight at the hallway he was taking. Students were still scattered everywhere taking their lunch break productively by practicing their magics and abilities, and chatting with people they know around the Academy. There were students in the hallway that Elio was passing by who were showcasing their own abilities to their peers, and making sure that they would be the center of attention. But when they noticed him, they were all stopping, and making a way for him to walk past through the hallway. No one wanted to bump into him or even just make contact with him, and so they were all avoiding him. "Why are they looking at you like that? And why the heck are they avoiding you, El?" Elio turned to the nearest hallway from his right, and turned left to the next hallway after. There were no students in that hallway and he knew that because it was the way to the lecture rooms, and no one would want to b
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Chapter 6: Vanishing Books
The afternoon lecture classes had ended, and instead of going straight to his dormitory, Elio Freyr walked to the hallway towards the Library. It was not crowded that time of the day, because most of the students were in the black room to get their afternoon training as it was their schedule for the weekdays. Not everyone was interested in training, and it was fine for the school if they chose not to attend every afternoon session, but they were required to attend at least two every week. And Elio Freyr was one of those students who didn't like the idea of having training after lectures, instead he had chosen to be alone in the library. But the thought of being alone was not possible, because a woman in her invisible form has never left his side ever since. "Professor Euls is better than your Professor for the History of Magic. What's his name again? George? Yeah, Professor George. His class is so boring." For how many times already since the moment he spent his time with Esther
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Chapter 7: Spirits of the Library
One of them jumped down to the ground and stood on his feet behind Elio, positioning himself to attack him. "What's happening here?" Everyone stopped, even the one behind Elio as a voice of a woman echoed behind them. Elio turned his back and met the person who was ready to attack him. He gave him a blank stare, before giving his attention to the woman who arrived. "Nothing. This just slipped from my hand." He showed her the book he was holding to make his lie more believable, but the seriousness pasted on his face has never left him. "Oh. Okay." She nodded. "I thought something's happening here already. You know. Things had messed up here. And we need to check everything. If you need something just call any of us." "I will, Thea. Thanks. I'll let you know." From his peripheral vision, Elio saw the five trying to escape from him. The four of them were getting down from the shelf, and the one in front of him stepped to his side. Thea, one of his old friends, turned to her right
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Chapter 8: A Place Called Dot
A spiral staircase welcomed them behind a hidden door from the library. It has floating candles that light up the narrow space of the staircase through the way down. The four spirits of the library started walking down in front of Elio, while he and the leader were still both on top of the staircase behind the door. "This place is hidden for a reason. You'll know that when we get there." "How do I know that you won't kill me?" Elio's eyes were fixed on the candles floating in the air, amazed to see them right in front of him. "We need you, as I had said. And that alone is enough reason for you to believe me. Now follow me." The spirit pulled the door behind him to close it. As soon as he did, the candles' lights became brighter, as the light that was coming from the library was gone. He and Elio started taking steps down the staircase, carefully watching every step they were taking. "This place was built alongside the library. But now, only the spirits know its existence." "Wh
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Chapter 9: The Heart of the Academy
The almost everlasting hallway from the right side of the place has become so dark. No candles or torches were around to provide them light as they stroll towards the end of it. Elio Freyr has mastered the act of seeing in the dark for his life from two years back, but the darkness that was surrounding them was too different from that. The force surrounding the place has never been felt that strong, but as they walked towards the end of the hallway, the energy that filled up the place became stronger, but they kept moving forward abandoning that feeling inside them. A door at the end of the hallway was nearing, which meant that the force had even become stronger, but Elio Freyr held back and continued walking with the five spirits of the library towards it. "Cover your eyes when I open the door, if you still want to see clearly after." There was a button-like stone just on the left side of the door that was mounted on the wall. It was a size of a normal hand of a human, and it h
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Chapter 10: Honest Reason
"They lured you here so they can take your body and be alive again." Elio Freyr was watching the souls inside the Dot in silence. They were still fighting for his body which was lying on the ground near the podium helplessly. "I need this body." The leader said in his authoritative voice, far from the way he was talking when Elio was around. It was too powerful and too proud."We already talked about this. We agreed that I'll be taking over next, don't we? This is so unfair, Rio." "We did. But things do change Morgan. And we also agreed that if I want to get a specific body, you will give it to me no matter what and when." "That's not what we agreed to. We made an order on who would go next and we need to stick with that." The one whom the leader called Morgan said, trying to make his point. "Who are they, really?" Elio Freyr could not contain all the questions inside his head, as there were just so many of them that were lingering in his mind. "In your History books, they are t
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