Chapter 14


It is already morning now and I just woke up with many things to do today, at first I will have to go shopping, later visit my friend Terry so that I could get more information about him.

I can't believe that I even let him kiss me last time, I guess I wanted his touch.

Then I sat on my bed trying to reflect back into the problems of my past, just so I will know how I could fix them in today.

The only person I can think about is terry, I think my mind has clung to him now.

I picked up a paper and wrote on the piece of paper, Terry had used to write a letter yesterday.

At the free blank space, I wrote things I have to know about Terry and the first one started with.

One! Try to know how old he is? Because seriously... It would be wrong if I discover that he is about forty years old, or so.

Then I laughed.

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