Chapter 23


I miss how you hold me and ravage my body and I let myself bare... Opening my trousers zip and bringing out my dick.

"Go into me already" she says to me.

I used my dick tip to enter her slowly and then out, and I repeated it again and she was nearly about shout to due to the pleasure.

"Go fully into me!" she says shouting as she leaned in kissing me.

"I know when you lie Stanley, where are the remaining evidence, you know that the evidence you have... Can be called a photo shopped picture right?" I said to her and she smiles.

"I never knew you knew me this much.... Just promise me that you will work with me to avenge my brother's death" she says to me kissing me one more time.

And I am surprised to hear her say that.

"You mean that you are not in any way doing this because of money but because you want to aven

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