Chapter 24


Soon we had reached there, I looked to see Stanley dead, lying down with blood all over her.

A nurse walks away with her face worried.

I held Stanley's hand.

I did not like her when she was alive but I really hated not been friendly with her.

Not giving her a reasonable chance to explain.

The other body should belong to Terry, my heart is breaking," I fell down on my knees as I moved towards him dying inside.

"Terry, please wake up" I cried to him, someone walks behind me as I turn to see Elvis with tears in his eyes, everything was sad about the moment.

"Elvis they both died" I said to him and he nods with a tear rushing down his eyes.

I turn to look at Terry's body, I opened it looking away with tears all over my face.

"Terry wake up, you can't leave me now" I said

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