Chapter 64

I stepped into my apartment and was greeted with silence except the gentle humming from the air conditioner. 

'Mirel isn't home yet?' I muttered with a frown. 

Getting into my room, I tossed my bag and sneakers aside and shrugged off my jacket then stepped into the bathroom for a quick shower. 

Dressed in yellow satin night wear, I strolled next door to Tee's room. I walked in unannounced and Tee let out a girly shrill. 

'AHHHHH!' He quickly dragged his pyjama bottoms up, quickly putting on the his shirt as well. 'What if I was totally unclad, young lady?!'

I chuckled, navigating past him to his fridge and grabbing a box of frozen pizza.

'Well, you're not. Besides, who gets dressed in their living room?' I sauntered past him to take a seat on the sofa.

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