His Lord Justin Kimberly

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His Lord Justin Kimberly

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One day, Justin suddenly received a distress call from a girl claiming to be his daughter. To his astonishment, he realized that she was indeed his daughter and the woman he loved, simultaneously the person he felt most guilty towards from five years ago. Justin is compelled to return to the breathtaking country of Mozzafiato with a new identity and a transformed self to rescue the ones he loves, navigating through countless pitfalls. What awaits him?

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  • Joseph


    A nice book Hope you all can enjoy it

    2024-01-29 06:39:44
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Chapter 1
“Daddy, daddy...is that you? I’m so scared, please save me!” Inside the cockpit of a fighter jet---Aeolus, which soared in sky like an eagle, Justin got the call and heard the frightened voice from a little girl. “You’ve got the wrong person. I’m not your dad!” He was about to hang up, cold and stern. “Daddy, I am telling the truth! My dad's name is Justin Kimberly, and my mom’s name is Katherine, Katherine Sherwood.” Her anxious words hit Justin like a cold shower. Katherine Sherwood... a name that filled him with not only wonderful memories, but also guilt. Justin came back to his senses quickly. His breathing became erratic, asking anxiously, “Where are you now?” His daughter, definitely his daughter with Katherine. The sense of guilt in Justin intensified exponentially. However, a series of chaotic sounds suddenly erupted before he could get an answer. “You little brat dare to steal my phone? Call someone to rescue you? No one could save you, even Jesus!” “Ah...no, plea
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Chapter 2
In that critical situation, the door was broken with a bang. The one who appeared was none other than Justin. “What... what the hell." “Damn it! You two idiots, who are you?” "......" Justin paid no attention to them but only stared at the cage, where his poor daughter was surrounded by several hungry dogs. He walked there step by step, his powerful and terrifying aura locking the vicious dogs trying to harm his daughter. It's like mice meeting cats. Those dogs foamed at the mouths and fell to the ground quickly. "You bastard! What the hell you did to my cute pets?" An angry thug rushed up and attempted to beat up Justin. But an elegant figure appeared in front of the thug like a ghost, blocking his way. With golden hair and perfect pecs, Caesar looked like an elegant Italian nobleman. He smiled to the frightened thug. "I'll play with you." The thug rolled up his sleeves and charged towards Caesar, thinking that he was bigger than Caesar. He was quite self-assured of hi
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Chapter 3
In a luxurious villa, a man without any clothing was kneeling on the ground, wearing a collar and chained like a dog, pleasing a woman sitting on the chair. The woman was dressed in a sexy black tight uniform, holding the dog leash in her left hand and a whip in her right hand. She proudly placed her feet, wearing high heels, on the smooth back of the man. Interestingly, he was enjoying! He had indulged in such kind of humiliation. "Your Majesty the Queen, are you satisfied with my performance?" he imitated a dog's tongue-out expression and flattered her. "Well-done, Hamza. You're so obedient, and I will reward you even more." the woman lightly laughed and then took off the shoes. With Hamza's excitement, she placed her foot on his face. "Suck it! It is the mercy from the Queen!" And Hamza Sherwood, the future heir to the Sherwood family, behaved as if he was devoutly worshiping, opening his mouth eagerly. "By the way, Hamza, how is your cousin doing? The former 'Golden Ap
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Chapter 4
The Blue Whale Hotel is located in the center of the city, one of the most luxurious five-star hotels in Newton. In the presidential suite on the top floor, Katherine sat in a chair, feeling helpless and lost."Mr. Walt, where am I? Is my daughter here?" Although she couldn’t see, she instinctively felt that something strange about this place that Adam Walt had brought her to. She even heard the sound of water, as if someone was taking a shower."Don't worry, my dear Miss Sherwood, your daughter is safe now, and my secretary will bring her to you soon for a reunion." Adam reassured her in a gentle tone as he walked out of the bathroom after taking a shower. He’s handsome, well-built, and wore a pair of wire-rimmed glasses, giving him the appearance of a scholarly researcher. If it weren't for being in a hotel;If he weren't wearing such an exposed bathrobe;If he weren't deceiving a blind woman...Then his words would be convincing!Born in the Walt family, a top-ranking elite fam
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Chapter 5
Justin slowly walked to the edge of the bed and looked at Katherine, who was unconscious and frowning. The coldness in his eyes was instantly replaced by gentleness.He sat down beside the bed and gently stroked her cheek, softly saying, "Sorry, Katherine, I came late."Suddenly, there was a chaotic sound of footsteps in the corridor. In no time, two or three dozens of strong men rushed into the presidential suite, surrounding Justin and Caesar."Boss, how should we deal with these two intruders?" asked Captain Steven, bowing respectfully to Adam.Upon seeing this situation, Adam immediately became ecstatic and ordered, "Control them, open their eyes wide and witness how I fuck this bitch! Then, one by one, you and your men can take turns fucking her!"Then, he looked at Justin and shouted hysterically, "You wanted to kill me? Come on! I'm right here. Your beloved woman will be...""Shut up!"Adam's voice abruptly stopped because he felt a powerful pressure pressing down on him, caus
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Chapter 6:
Justin embraced Katherine like a princess because it seemed she had no strength left to continue walking. Katherine, allowing Justin to hold her, leaned her head on his shoulder with a gentle sigh. They descended together. In the lobby on the lower floor, the mangled body of the wealthy man Justin had pushed from the upper floor lay there, covered in blood and shattered. His current appearance was extremely gruesome, lying in a pool of blood, his body distorted with wounds everywhere. Adam’s face was pale, his eyes still wide open. Adam’s corpse stirred up a commotion among the onlookers. The crowd around his body grew larger. Some expressed curiosity, others fear, and some took out their phones to take pictures, record videos, or livestream. “Is that Adam, the sole heir of the Walt family?” Whispers began as people recognized the identity of the corpse. Though his current appearance seemed terrifying, it hadn’t reached the point of complete disfigurement. Some approached to
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Chapter 7:
The pride of the Newtown City Police Department perhaps lies in the robust prison facility here. Therefore, anyone arrested and brought here, whether innocent or guilty, does not display any arrogance. They know that, once carelessly convicted, escaping is impossible. However, in stark contrast to the usual atmosphere and expectations at the police station, Justin, recently arrested on suspicion of murdering the heir to the renowned Walter Corporation, remains remarkably composed. To him, the police station seems more like a leisure outing than a place of interrogation. Leaning back in his chair, stretching out his legs, Justin exudes a nonchalant air. Despite being just an ordinary folding chair in the interrogation waiting room, when Justin sits on it, he radiates a cool attitude. Justin yawns, seemingly indifferent to everything around him. Working with Justin in the interrogation room are two police officers, one male and one female. Typically, only one officer is needed to
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Chapter 8:
In the holding cell, the ten worst criminals were brought in. As rumored, each of them exuded an intimidating presence, and their tattoos of dragons and tigers running along their arms and legs, along with images of swords and daggers, generals on their shoulders and abdomen, made the gang appear dark. The most menacing of them, a burly leader with a long, rugged beard, spoke. “This kid here is quite handsome. We should thank Durango for bringing us this enormous gift.” Edgar spoke with a tone of authority. “Well, what should I do with this ‘adorable’ person? Look at him, so small, the damn asshole is just perfect. Oh! I can’t wait to hear his screams in agony!” With these vulgar words, the gang leader laughed heartily, and his followers joined in, anticipating their share of the spoils. Little did they know that hell awaited them on the doorstep. Justin didn’t bother to respond to the crude remarks of the gang. He raised an eyebrow at their vulgar language but paid no attention
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Chapter 9:
Mayor Patrick frantically scolded Durango like that just because he was afraid of offending Monica. Hanging up the phone, Durango also vaguely realized the situation at that time. It would be disadvantageous if he dared to speak morality. Besides, Mayor Patrick’s panic from the other end of the phone was enough for Durango to feel that this woman and Justin were completely untouchable. Like a dog with its tail between its legs, the sheriff turned to the woman and Justin, stammering. “P…Pleas…e, please forgive me. It was because I was careless, confused and ignorant. Please forgive me this time.” Justin and Monica remained standing in the same place, looking at Durango with cold eyes. Obviously, they have no intention of ignoring this stupid and abusive police officer. As if realizing that, Durango, who had now thrown away all the dignity of a leading police officer, knelt down and clasped his hands in prostration repeatedly. “Please forgive me and help me keep this a secret from
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Chapter 10:
In response to the respectful greetings given to him, Justin only nodded slightly. He noticed Monica, who was also bowing respectfully to him. “Now that you are an official of Newtown, there is no need to show me such respect.” Monica didn’t wait for Justin to say the second sentence and immediately stood up straight. Her ability to work decisively is something that not any man can possess, let alone a woman. Monica glanced at Hamza and the woman walking beside him. “Your Majesty, do I need to deal with these people right now? It seems they came to cause trouble for you.” She said to Justin. Hamza was about to say something, but his ex-fiancee Justin walked next to him and promptly stopped his mouth. She found the newcomers mysterious and somewhat scary, with the guns they held at their sides. “No need. It wouldn’t be good if bloody fights were spread around my future wife’s family. I don’t want anyone to talk about my future wife.” Justin held Katherine’s hand tightly and s
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