"WHAT! RIDICULOUS! There can only ever be a once in a lifetime genius of that level to tip the balance of the scales in this feud and you're telling me that the United States happen to have one of their own who would provoke that tipping scale and keep it even or go ahead to tip it against our favour? Nonsense!" Victorph spoke out angrily.


"So what orphanage is that Franklin? Surely your informant was able to disclose that information to you" 


"Unfortunately no cause it turns out that Valestein keeps that information very close to his heart and his most trusted pet so the exact orphanage would be difficult to find until they've already made a move for that potential and then it would have already be too late" 




Most of the other officials were all looking dejected while wanting to drop their heads in defeat but refrained from doing such.


"Orphanage? I guess that shortens the
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