Conroy was the first one to check the documents and after they were all done he was also the first to speak out on what he thought about it


"I don't get this, the Dot Log Chips and recording everyone's activities and whatever... I don't see the point of this" Conroy outright defamed the idea of both of the secrets Franklin Crow had just brought from the other side of the Rift as well as the new initiative he was soon about to push forward all in one go.


"Yes Franklin, I too don't get this... Can you please elaborate why this is so important to us?" Asked Carolyn who honestly didn't understand and not just because she wanted to give Franklin the opportunity to get his idea out there while the other officials were laxed to oppose because they were also ajoined in confusion.

"Of course Carolyn, I'll make it so clear that no one would have much questions after this." Franklin Crow said then looked around to all the officials seated ther
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