Standing by the last room on the third floor of a particular apartment building which had a gaping hole in the wall right next to it and a door lock which was now residing on the floor, Malkome and Mirajh was being informed about what the Uprisers thought Adam's whereabouts was, while inside the room two other Uprisers were busy taking aim and shooting at everyone who was inside that room with their pill guns.

"So you're saying dat the my Little boy-a is still somewhere inside dis building? Maybe did time I'll be able to test his hands a little... Hehe" Malkome said then grinned from ear to ear as he gripped on the handle of his weapon even tighter.

"I thought he's plan was to escape here and possibly join with the rest of his team?" Mirajh said before flashing back to when Malkome's projectile had hit the top of the wall Adam was trying to escape with. She did a little processing in her head, estimating the limits of his power from all the actions he had b
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