I Returned To Being A Yakuza Underling

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I Returned To Being A Yakuza Underling

By: Hino OngoingOther

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Matsuoka Shou, the average person who got involved unknowingly into the largest Yakuza groups in Japan, rose up to the very highest ranks, only to get killed at the very end of his life. But as death pulled his soul from the mortal coil, he found himself back in that same old room, that old apartment, where peace lingered, and conflict didn't exist. He was back, in his younger self, aiming to take revenge on those who wronged him.

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45 chapters
Prologue - Ch 0
It was a stormy weather. My vision is starting to get blurry not because it's raining heavily but rather because I'm dying. I was stabbed from behind and left for dead. I was killed by one of the gang's members He's not part of my division since I was assigned as the 2nd division vice commander of one of the largest Yakuza Families in japan. The one who killed me was one of the 5th division members. I don't know why he killed me but I was unfortunate enough to die when no one was around which means he can just report to the others that I was killed by the enemy gang if he wanted to, Which could start a gang war. "How did I end up like this" I thought *** I hear a loud banging noise on my apartment door when suddenly a large person broke it down "Are you Mr. Matsuoka?" Said a lady with blonde hair and a stunning appearance as if I'm looking at a high-class model in her mid-twenties."Um If you're referring to my fa
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Chapter 1 - Ready, Set, Go!
*At the Mishiki clan headquarters* *In sync* "Good work today boss"(everyone) "Yeah Yeah Good work today everyone, Toda I'll leave the newcomer to you, take care of him and explain to him everything I'll be going to the main house to get some rest" (Yumiko) "Yes Mishiki-oyabun"(Toda) "Then I'll be taking my leave" (Yumiko) "Good work today Mishiki-oyabun Have a safe trip home" (Toda) *Car leaves* *** "Well then Shou I'll be teaching you the basics and rules in the Mishiki clan" (Toda) "Yes sir" Although I don't need to since I already know the basics and rules I have to listen or else I'll get killed by them If I don't obey (Shou) "First off are the rules, the rules are simple You're not allowed to approach Mishiki-oyabun casually anywhere unless she allows you to You're only doing what you're told to by your division captain, vice-captain, or Mishiki-oyabun herself You can live your life as usual but are not al
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Chapter 2 - New Member
/At The Mishiki clan Headquarters/"Well, then It seems like everyone's here, especially our New Member, Miyasaki Shou. Since He has proven himself quite useful based on Toda's Words I'll be putting Him on Division 6, Division 6 He's in your care now." (Yumiko)"Ehh are you serious" Spoken by a member of the group."A New Member? In Division 6 at that even" Another one exclaimed."Poor guy his New Teammates are Gonna be hard to deal with They're all Monsters" Exclaimed another."But He doesn't even look that strong" Called out another."That's true" Whispered one.As expected They have their own doubts about the Newbie not that I can blame them He doesn't even look that strong, But It can't be helped since I need more Manpower and It's a win-win for both me and him. Not only can He Pay back the money his parents owe us but he can still have his life and as a bonus, I can have more Manpower to expand My territory. (Yumiko)
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Chapter 3 - First assignment
After The Division captain returned after finishing his report to Mishiki-oyabun, As expected she assigned the Whole 6th division With a New Job, Since I had already gone through this Job once before, This Is No Ordinary Job Because Something Unexpected happened The first time I Did this Job, That's why I should be on my guard... This Time will be Different"Alright Listen up you guys the boss Gave us New orders, We're going to Take Overwatch on one of our Loaning Agencies. It seems like our group is having a hard time handling the enemies that are making a fuss on our loan agencies since they're getting aggressive so We're tasked on doing whatever we want to the enemy Is what she said" (Raiden)"And? are we going to take this newbie shrimp with us?" (Eiko)"Of course, What good use he is If he's not going with us" (Raiden)"Oi Newbie You better not Slow us down on this" (Eiko)"R-roger that" (Sho) "Oh by the way which loan agency are we going" (Hotaru)"Meguro Region, Since The Mishi
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Chapter 4 - Boom!
"W-What the hell happened!?" (Eiko)"EIKO THERE'S TROUBLE, AN EXPLOSION WENT OFF AT THE BACKDOORS OF THE LOAN AGENCY, FUCK!" (Hotaru)"Hotaru!? How'd you get here this fast!?" "(Eiko)"I saw this guy being all suspicious when I tried asking him he ran away and I chased him but I when I finally caught up to him and interrogated him He just smirked and said, Idiot. And then one of his lackeys said through their comms that they're all set to blow the whole place down as a declaration of war." (Hotaru)"And then? What did you do to the guy you just captured?" (Shou)"I killed him, of course." (Hotaru)"Tsk To think they'll make a fuss this big. It seems like we underestimated them too much just because they're all a bunch of animals trying to act all cool by being a yakuza group." (Eiko)"OI NEWBIE! Your first job on the field is gonna be a rough one, you better be prepared. And Make yourself useful." (Hotaru)"R-roger that senior. S-so what's the plan?" (Shou)"It's simple we just beat t
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Chapter 5 - Gun's blazing
CRASH! The sound of the 6th division captain, Raiden's quickly kicking down the back door is obviously heard aloud from the inside. He's not going for a slow and silent job, Which is very typical of him since even in my first life He didn't like doing jobs silently unless necessary."FIRE!" Raiden shouted as he kicked down the door."ROGER! EAT THIS! YOU BASTARDS." Multiple shots were fired, All I could see were flashes from the muzzle of the gun and the loud banging echoing throughout the room as Ryota was shooting I checked my surroundings for any of our allies inside in case they managed to survive, Most of them were on the ground but fortunately Only concussed. "Vice-captain! The Employees of the agency are still alive!" I yelled "Ah! You're right, Eiko! Hotaru! You help the employees get out of here and if there are any civilians help them as well, We Don't want any trouble with the police being involved with casualties. Even if they're employees they're still part of the Haj
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Chapter 6 - Forgotten
/At one of the Mishiki Clan Infirmary rooms/Yawning "Hey Newbie How old are you, By the way? You haven't told us how old you were.""Eh? Um, I'm 18...""Ehhh That young huh, Wait Don't you have school or something right now? Since you should probably be starting college at that age." "...I Have completely forgotten about it." I literally completely forgot about it since I finished my college life in the past while maintaining a Yakuza member."HAHAHAHAHAHA ARE YOU SERIOUS???" "..." "Well it's probably fine since your parents left you with us, So you can go to school anytime you want. Then do you want to go to school or not?""I'll probably go.""Then you should ask the boss for permission." Said Raiden as he overheard the conversation while entering"Captain, You're back!" "Yeah, I finished my report with the boss and surrendered the guy we just captured." "I see, Did she say anything else about the newbie?""... Nope, as far as I remember, She only asked If He was being useful
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Chapter 7 - Punishment
"You may be acting all cool and tough right now but you're still going down transferee for disrespecting your seniors!"Immediately they all ran at me at the same time but when they tried to attack me they took turns trying to hit me on all sides, but before they could surround me I Chambered my leg rounding up for a side kick while one of them running towards me, at the right moment I Immediately kicked him, I felt his ribs on my foot "I think I cracked some of his ribs" I thought. Crack! "That hurt! You!... you're going to pay!"The other seniors were all just watching him attack me by himself but... "It's useless..." I immediately gathered up my strength for a jab from the right and followed up with another jab from the left to his jaw Another jab to his stomach area and finished him off by grabbing him by the collar and pushing him to two of his other friends there were only two left. I then bolted to one of the remaining seniors, I Readied my arms for another series of strikes
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Chapter 8 - Preparation
/At the Campus cafeteria/ "And Why are you tagging along with us Eiko?!" "Now now You should know the more the merrier right Matsuoka-Kun." She said with a smug face. "Come on now Sho, Just let her eat with us for once Okay?" "Tsk, Fine.""Yay! You're the best Shou!"As Kayo said that I saw her sticking her tongue out to me to mock me... Afterward, we had our lunch and lunch period is finally over and Eiko finally left us alone if she were to be with us any longer she would've spilled the beans that I was part of the yakuza to Kayo, But there's no use on worrying about Hotaru now because now it's time to find the person who will be beneficial to me in the long run, And thankfully today's period is free time so He should be doing his club activities right now. "If I'm not mistaken he should be in the taekwondo club or something like that," I said to myself.As I was walking by the clubrooms during the period, I finally found him, Furukawa Satoshi, in my first life he was an outsta
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Chapter 9 - Because It's Fun
"What kind of convincing do you need So we can just stop this? And Why are you doing this you have no reason to suspect me at all" at this point I think she's just fighting me because she's bored but I can't just lower my guard and let her win either since even if she was fighting because she's bored she's still testing me either way. "Why Don't you have a guess on my reasoning then?" "Nah, I'll pass. it's obvious what kind of answer you want anyway.""Eh? am I that obvious?""...Very." "Ehe. But even if you know I'm still not stopping." "I know that very well, that's why I'm going to prove it to you anyway for insurance." "Don't fail to entertain me then Matsuoka-Kun.""Yeah, I won't." Instead, I'm going to ingrain this fight into your head since you're so stubborn. Kitagawa Hotaru, 16 years old If I remember correctly in my first life The reason why She's a gang member is that she's quite a violent delinquent to the point that Mishiki-Oyabun took her under her wing and place
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