A troublesome opponent

Bai Feng sighed as he told his friends that he didn't have any safe plan to approach this mission.

The easiest thing to do would be attacking straight on by diving into the murky swamp waters below.

However, the easiest thing wasn't the most optimal one.

Whoever went first would have to deal with whatever trap the monster had set below.

Combined with the fact that the monster could be quite unusual due to the location it had chosen to hibernate for its transformation.

This was a notorious place. On the surface, it didn't look like anything was wrong, but underneath the swamp, there were thousands if not tens of thousands of devils that either escaped or were discarded by the sects of the Demon Dance continent.

The environment of the planet was hospitable to the devils. So they could cultivate and get stronger as well.

Of course, their talents were middling. Atleast those who were discarded couldn't become strong enough to become a pro

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