A crafty bear

Bai Feng's shout made his friends back away, but it was a little bit too late for that.

At first, it looked like the bear was too preoccupied with defending from the shower-like attacks instead of using his arms to attack. But he was charging an invisible attack while he masked his aura!

The bear had a high level of battle intelligence, and it must have gotten it from devouring all of those devil-possessed people.

When a demon devoured someone, they would get a fragment or two of their memories.

Considering how many he had devoured and the size he could grow at, Bai Feng could guess that he had so much experience that fighting him would be more troublesome than he thought one on one.

His friends had almost been absorbed into the thing's maw. If it wasn't for his timely warning, plus the fact that Sharley and Sylph used gravity and wind together to break them away from the sudden attack. They would have been pushed directly into the beasts' maw

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