False signals

Bai Feng was rushing towards the Demon Dance continent at his top speed. Everything around him was only a blur as his only focus was the safety of his family.

The sign that Herus's descent had given him was something that he couldn't ignore!

Bai Feng felt that he needed to meet with his family right now!

He had to see what was going with them!

His hearts couldn't stop beating quickly as images of his son and wife appeared in front of his eyes.

The pure emotion behind him was pushing his speed to an even higher height, making him arrive at the Demon Dance continent in around 20 minutes from the lands of the Asura Empire.

Normally that would have taken him a week or so if he didn't rush and used the stealthy approach.

Bai Feng arrived above the Demon Taming sect before he looked down, trying to see if there were any traps laid, or if anything was in the unordinary in the sect.

He had been living in this place for around 5

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