Failure is not allowed!

Bai Feng, Mo Pian, and Luo Gang had already disappeared from the front of the library. Bai Feng was making his way to a nearby swamp area that supposedly was infested with demons of low rank.

Chen Lingxi, Sylph, and Sharley took out a low-level mission so the children could get some real-life and death battle experience.

As children of cultivators, they wouldn't have easy lives, no matter how strong their parents were in their sect.

It was simply because they didn't have a strong backing and that Lingxi and the others wanted them to be prepared for anything.

They knew how life liked to throw curveballs at you, and that being prepared was the best thing in those situations.

Bai Feng appeared at the top of the swamp, looking around for his son, wife, and friends with his other two friends in tow.

They were a little bit queasy due to the speed that Bai Feng traveled at, but they would get used to it.

Bai Feng's eyes narrowed as he looked

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