Fire tribulation round 2

Bai Feng wasn't perturbed by the fact that he had to fight Mo Pian's visage. He was more annoyed than anything. Couldn't the fire tribulation just take the form of Chen Lingxi again?

He launched himself directly at the fire person without any plan. His attacks were quick and precise, as he slowly learned how to fight over time.

There wasn't anything that the fire Mo Pian could do to him. At first, his head disappeared, then one of his arms was blown away, while it continued to say the same words as before.

Bai Feng thought that every tribulation should have been harder than the previous one, but it seemed he was wrong.

This wasn't really a challenge at all.

But the moment he finished his thoughts, he saw how another head popped out of the fire body, it was his sister, Mu An!

Bai Feng frowned as he glanced at the fire body and said:

"Hey... you can do a lot of things, try to imitate my friend, become one of the people that I have probl

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