Mo Pian's friendship and cultivation views

Bai Feng felt conflicted, he wanted to break through further so he wouldn't be left in the dust by his sister's progress, but he knew that if he rushed things along. He wouldn't end well.

It was quite annoying. His progress wasn't delayed by the lack of ingredients nor wealth but by his own ability.

If he wanted to, he could eat the food he made with the ingredients he got even now as he only needed a little bit of work with it. But could he withstand the Qi which would rush through his body?

He almost couldn't withstand the breakthrough last time, and according to the jade slip and his guessing, the concoction he would make was way superior to the crocodile elf rib-eye steak that Mo Pian made.

But Bai Feng shook his head. It wasn't the right thing to rush things even though he had a good reason to.

He still didn't know much about his own cultivation path, and everyone around him didn't know either. It seemed that the body cultivation branch was ra

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