The battle power of a hybrid

Bai Mu couldn't help but take a step backward as the wound on his shoulder gushed with more blood.

He had thought that the man might be faking his situation. However, he had miscalculated where the ambush would come from.

It was a situation that made Bai Mu quite embarrassed since his father and master were watching him.

It was especially embarrassing since both of them had quite high hopes for him.

However, the wound on his shoulder didn't bother Bai Mu much. But that didn't deter the attacker at all. The tall, skinny, and frail man couldn't help but lick his lips as he looked at the blood dripping from Bai Mu's new injury, and he couldn't help but say:

"I like fresh meat like you."

Bai Mu didn't get intimidated by the comment as he thought about the best plan to finish the fight.

He understood that the person in front of him was somewhat weak, and he relied on tricks and intimidation to win his fights in the arena.

That meant

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