The power of a transcendental being (Part 1)

Her power was immense, her aura was indescribable, and the anger radiating from her face was so strong that Bai Feng could feel physical pain when her eyes were targeting him.

The Mother of Heavens couldn't help but grit her teeth as she glanced at Rafiki, who stood paralyzed behind Bai Feng and Shirbo.

"You, come here and accept my blessing!"

Rafiki couldn't help but start flying towards her, regardless of his will.

Rafiki's body wouldn't accept any commands from him!

Bai Feng snorted as he pushed Rafiki backward, stopping him in his tracks before saying:

"You might not want to fight us right now, but any injury done to you will be useful for us when the true battle between body cultivators and you will start!"

The Mother of Heavens snorted derisively as she clenched her fists and said:

"You two failure snot-nosed punks think that you can deal with me, even when some of my power is sealed by this bothersome universe?!"

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