The White Swordsman

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The White Swordsman

By: Mark Lee CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Zhang Xing Zhe was the only son of the Xiang and Liu couple, they were a great warrior couple who were sect leaders in Hua San Mountain. In contrast to his parents, although Zhang Xing Zhe was descended from great warriors, he was completely incapable of martial arts. Zhang Xing Zhe was raised by his three uncles, who deliberately did not introduce Zhang Xing Zhe to martial arts because they knew that one day, the only son who would be sent to carry on the sect in Hua San Mountain would be the one to carry on the sect. If Zhang Xing Zhe could do martial arts, their chance to control the sect would be wiped out. his struggle all this time to gain the power of the sect would be in vain. At the age of fourteen, Zhang Xing Zhe chose to travel in search of a teacher, as he could no longer bear the insults from his three uncles. Since that incident, Zhang Xing Zhe promised himself that he would return to his three uncles with a great change. In order to continue the sect that his parents had founded, Zhang Xing Zhe was desperate to find a teacher to train him. But his journey was not easy, as his every step was followed by his uncle's bodyguards who forced him to return home. But fortunately, a young man named Jin Long helped him avoid the bodyguards. "Thank you, uncle. What can I do to repay this favor?" "If you can't defend yourself, it's better not to go out alone!" "Sorry, uncle, I actually want to find a martial arts teacher;" "I want to prove to them that I'm not as weak as they think. I'll come back with a big change that will leave them dumbfounded!"

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96 chapters
Hua San Mountain, Zhang Xing Zhe ResidenceSring... Sring..."Akkkhh!!!""Ahahahahhaha!!! Look at Han Ying. Is this what you call a sect successor warrior?""Tsk! Damn, Zhang Xing! You stupid kid, why are you doing nothing, huh?"A teenager was lying on the ground, grimacing in pain while holding his lower right abdomen, which was currently oozing blood. He is Zhang Xiang Zhe, commonly called Zhang Xiang, the only son of the successor of the Hua San sect with the nickname of the useless warrior. Tonight, the Hua San Mountain came under an impromptu attack from another sect that was already a sworn enemy of the Hua San Sect because it wanted to seize the power to change hands with it. But that will never happen, as long as there are successors in the sect. They were a swarm of scorpions with poisonous venom that never gave up on attacking the Hua San sect, especially since they already knew Zhang Xiang's weakness and could not do anything.This was not a one-time occurrence, there had
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Zhang Xiang Zhe ran with all his might out of the pavilion to avoid his three uncles, who could faintly be heard very loudly calling his name from inside the pavilion. But that did not make Zhang Xiang Zhe stop his pace; even the pain and blood dripping through the robe he was wearing did not deter him from continuing to run. Zhang Xiang didn't care where he was going; he just followed where his feet would take him. After almost thirty minutes of running, he felt that he had gotten quite far from the pavilion. Zhang Xiang stopped his steps right in a forest. Who knows what forest, and where he is right now, all he needs right now is to rest for a while.Zhang Xiang held his stomach, which was in pain. As soon as he looked down, removing a bit of the robe he was wearing, it turned out that the wound from the sword stab from the scorpion demon had reopened. Just as Zhang Xiang was about to wipe away the blood and replace it with a new cloth, there was a crowd of people calling his name.
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Vampire demon
"You never went out before?"Zhang Xiang shook his head innocently."Don't you know that the outside world is very dangerous? Aren't you afraid of death?"Zhang Xiang was silent. He was just a fourteen-year-old teenager who was afraid of death. In fact, Zhang Xiang himself was scared at the time of an attack, having been hidden away by his three uncles for the past fourteen years, and it was only in the past few years after he reached adulthood that he often saw people fighting. Previously, Zhang Xiang was afraid of blood, but from now on, he will try to familiarize himself with it so that he will not be afraid of it anymore."To be a warrior, you must not be afraid of death!""Huh, who's afraid? I'm not afraid of death at all!"Sring...."Zhang Xiang, watch out!""Akhh!!!"A sword flew through the air; who knows where it came from? Fortunately, Jin Long nimbly pulled Zhang Xiang's wrist, so the sword missed and stuck in a big tree. Jin Long was still staring at the sword, casting his
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Teacher's uncle
As the night wore on, it got quieter and quieter. Only the sound of crickets and the splashing of lake water accompanied the night. Jin Long took Zhang Xiang out of the ghost forest and brought him to a place on the shore of a vast lake with rocks around it.Jin Long asked Zhang Xiang to seat himself on a large rock not far from the lake as he prepared a bonfire to warm their bodies later. As a nomad, Jin Long was used to the nomadic life, but this was his first time traveling with other people, whose backgrounds he knew nothing about. And to make matters worse, the teenage boy he brought along this time—what a misfortune! Instantly, he forgot about his goal of enjoying the outside world without a burden, but now he has a new burden.As soon as the fire was lit, Jin Long asked Zhang Xiang to sit closer to the fire so as not to get cold. But seeing Zhang Xiang, who was pale while holding his stomach, made Jin Long immediately wrinkle his forehead. He thought that Zhang Xiang was curren
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Jade lock
Hua San MountainBugh...Bugh...Bugh..."STUPID! YOU GUYS ARE SO STUPID!""YOU CAN'T EVEN CHASE A BABY; WHAT'S THE POINT OF LEARNING MARTIAL ARTS, HUH?""No, Han Ying, don't beat them up like this. They're already hurt," Zhang Yong said soothingly."Shut up! First, brothers shouldn't be too kind to others; they'll turn on us! Like that baby who ran away, he's now running away because big brother spoiled him too much!""What did you say? Pampering? I didn't spoil him; I just treated him like a normal teenager. He's my nephew, my brother's son; he's been deprived of love since he was a kid; I just don't want him to suffer," Zhang Yong, their first brother, explained.Han Ying chuckled softly. Now that he's gone, who knows where he's going?""Didn't you not care about him earlier? So why are you thinking about him? Don't pretend to care about your nephew!" Zhang Yong quipped.Hearing that, Han Ying did not get angry at all. Instead, he crossed his arms in front of his chest as he smiled
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Evil demon
An ancient building with a red opening door stood tall, complete with four doormen, all dressed in red with pale white corollaries and ghastly eyes. This magnificent all-red building was the residence of Fu Jiu Yun, the Vampire King. This building was behind the Ghost Valley Cave, not far from the Ghost Forest. It was in this place that the ghost king resided, along with a horde of other ghosts under his rule.After their battle with Jin Long, the ghost king and his guards returned to the ghost kingdom, still curious about Jin Long's abilities. Fu Jiu suspected that Jin Long was a warrior from the Kaypang sect, which was a sect of beggars. The sect is divided into two categories: clean clothes and dirty clothes. What made Fu Jiu instantly curious was that seeing Jin Long's appearance like that of a beggar made him think of the sect.But until this moment, Fu Jiu still can't find the answer to his curiosity because the fight has not been completed. Jin Long has taken Zhang Xiang away,
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Meeting again
The wind blows more and more piercingly into the pores of the body, and the sky that was originally a little bright is now getting darker. The sound of the seawater rustling gives a sense of tranquility. On the edge of the vast sea, in the dim night, two people are sitting under the moonlight. They are Zhang Xiang Zhe and Jin Long, both of whom are currently at the edge of the sea to anchor. They are sitting on small rocks in the cold air, under the moonlight, and beside a fire that provides warmth. As someone who chooses to live a wandering life, the cold has become his friend throughout the day, but not for Zhang Xiang Zhe, as he is currently sitting while hugging his knees.The cold pierced his thin pores; even though Jin Long's thick and wide robe had covered his body, the cold was still piercing. Zhang Xiang had also brought his body close to the campfire, hoping to provide warmth, but it was still the same. Maybe it's because he's too out in the open. There were many trees aroun
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Big meeting issues
"Tonight I will help you heal the wound first; I am afraid that the wound will get worse," Fu Jiu said to Zhang Xiang.Zhang Xiang just nodded obediently, obeying the Vampire Valley chief's request. Xiang Hua helped Zhang Xiang sit on a bed, as they were now in an inn in a township in the city. Fu Jiu asked Zhang Xiang to take off his clothes for a moment so that he could treat in peace, after which Fu Jiu took out a cloth bag that he took from his pocket. Zhang Xiang did not know what was in the bag until a few seconds later, Fu Jiu took out three dried leaves from the bag. He then placed the three dried leaves into a container filled with water. Zhang Xiang watched every process Fu Jiu went through, not knowing what he was doing.After a few seconds, the dried leaves turned soft. Seeing that Fu Jiu's hand immediately grabbed the leaves and squeezed them, he only took the leaves to place them on the stab wound."Zhang Xiang, it might be a little painful, but try to hold it for a whil
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Back to the temple
After they had their meal together, Jin Long asked Zhang Xiang to buy something he needed for dinner tonight, so that he wouldn't have to go out again. For the next few days, Fu Jiu asks Jin Long to stay in his pavilion together. While Jin Long is eating roast pork with Fu Jiu, he asks Zhang Xiang and Xiang Hua to buy some groceries for dinner. Jin Long saw that the two of them had finished eating first, so he dared to ask them to go outside to get the supplies they needed.Before they left, Jin Long gave Xiang Hua a paper with a record of what they were going to buy, after which Fu Jiu gave Xiang Hua a bag of coins. After that, they went outside to look for some items they needed for dinner.Especially for tonight, Jin Long wanted to make roast meat and warm soup, so with a look at the ingredients Zhang Xiang and Xiang Hua immediately looked for a vendor that sold meat. On a paper with meat and spices written on it, the two of them worked together to find a meat vendor. Until after a
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What was that big meeting?
"Young master, do we need to escort you inside?"Zhang Xiang raised one of his hands up, signaling the bodyguards not to. Those who understood only bowed respectfully then left leaving Zhang Xiang right in front of the Pavilion.As soon as the bodyguards left, Zhang Xiang stepped into the pavilion as quickly as possible, fearing for his first uncle's well-being. But by the time he reached the connecting hallway to reach the uncle's room, Zhang Xiang's steps stopped right beside the second uncle's room. Seeing the door of the room open, he heard a conversation inside the room. However, the topic of conversation this time made Zhang Xiang a little interested, it made Zhang Xiang ventured to peek into the uncle's conversation.Zhang Xiang knew what he had done was wrong, but he really dared to do this because he was very curious. Peeking through the door, the second uncle was talking to the third uncle."Big brother, it's better if we fight together to defend this sect.""NO WAY!"Jing Be
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