"Huh oorh"

       He had no idea what to do with the Cougar beside him on the tree. But of course he knew what he would do with the one beneath him. He knew that the creature would never make it to the top of the tree. It would only rage and growl to make him cower and surrender. He did know the logic of those creatures. He didn't know that creatures in the figment of the universe were as sensible as that. He needed no hypotheses to test their stance and logic. He did know what they were up to. He did know the language which they understood easily. He knew how to make confetti of the semantic also. DEATH! That's their language. They would seek the death of a stranger or whoever they were accosting you the first time. He didn't know what trained knowledge was that. He had no idea who trained the knowledge. He couldn't be sure. He couldn't fathom. Probably if he did arrive at a crumbling

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