The Mafia's Possession

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The Mafia's Possession

By: Jenny Chocolate OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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“I thought you were the bad guy when we first met you. I thought I would never be able to love a man who has so much blood on his hands. Now the tables have turned and you are the man I wish to be with you every single second of every single day and I feel safe around you. I want to open up my heart and let you in. I want to be yours and you, mine forever. " Sapphire was taken forcefully by Draco, a young mafia lord. Their relationship at first was at an edge as Sapphire hated him for taking her against her wish but he loved her at first sight. But as they say, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. Soon their once rocky relationship blossomed into an unbreakable bond. Draco having led a tragic path has to face and fight his past before he can live a happy life.

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Chapter 1
Sapphire was already half an hour late for an appointment with a big shot company. She drove roughly into the drive way and didn’t wait for the car to stop before coming down. “Lady watch it.” A lady screamed as she almost hit her.“ Sorry.” She said as turned off the car. “I’m in a hurry.” She said as she ran into the company’s building.“You’re late.” Clyde said when she met him at the hallway. “ They went into the elevator together and Clyde tapped the top floor.“I know. Did you keep them busy?” She pouted.“You’re lucky you’re the best in the industry. ““I’m glad I could keep them. I still have to pay my boss for the damages.” She sighed.“Why don’t you just quit that job? You have enough to live off for now.” Clyde said thoughtfully and she glared at him. “That job is the only thing keeping the police off my back. Do you think if I wasn’t working as a bartender I wouldn’t have become a major suspect?” She scoffed.“You’re a licensed scientist. No one would suspect you that ea
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Chapter 2
Clyde parked his car a bit far from the hotel. He came down from the car first so Sapphire could change into the whore’s attire. They had taken her on the way to the hotel and sedated her. Sapphire came out of the car some minutes later all dressed. She was putting on a short body hug gown that exposed her cleavages and she applied heavy make up.“Wow! All this in twenty minutes.” Clyde teased and she rolled her eyes. “You’re coming in five minutes after I go in.” Sapphire said.“How do I open the back entrance without you?” Clyde pouted and she scoffed.“I already gave you the coordinates. Fix yourself.” She said and walked away. He waited for five minutes before going in too. Immediately he entered through the back, Draco’s car parked a few steps from his.“Good evening, miss. How may I help you?” The receptionist at the desk asked when Sapphire walked in. “I’m here for Mr. Lorenzo.” She said with an Irish accent.“Hold.” The receptionist said as she made a quick phone call. “Roo
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Chapter 3
“Hahaha. Do you miss your friend that much?” Draco’s voice sounded loud over the phone.“Why are you with Sapphire’s phone?” Clyde asked. He could tell who was talking just from his voice, he’s been threatened with a gun by that guy.“Funny question. Since you were the one who led me to her.” Draco chuckled.“I led you to no one. Where is Sapphire?” Clyde asked. “She’s in my custody. If you wanna save her, convince her to work for me.” Draco said.“Why would want to work for you?”“Because I’m the boss. Convince her or she’ll remain in my custody until she agrees to work for me.” Draco said sarcastically.“You let her go or I.....”“Are you threatening me?”“Let her go. Take me instead.”“But you’re not the computer genius are you?” “Please let her go. I’ll convince her.”“You can come see her tomorrow alone. Any word about this to the police and she’s dead. I don’t have tell you…..”“I know.”“Good. We have a deal.” Draco said and hugged up.Clyde sat on the floor weakly when the c
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Chapter 4
Draco took Sapphire back to the empire and locked her up in the room he prepared for her. He went to the training ground to supervise the new recruits who were brought in yesterday.“Hey Draco.” Knife called running towards him. His face hardened immediately he saw her and he turned to leave.“Did she just call him by his name?” Pierce, the assistant head analyst asked.“She has got some guts.” Molly, the head analyst scoffed.“Draco.” Knife held his right arm and he pushed her off roughly.“I’ll take the first time as a mistake. The second, stupidity. Touching me, a death wish.” Draco said with red eyes.“I wanted to talk to you about something.” She pouted.“Are you crazy?!” Draco yelled and she gasped.“What’s going on here?” Derrick asked as he walked in and Knife ran to him.“I tried to talk to him and he lashed out…..” She lied.“Boss, that’s a lie. She called Lord Draco by his name and she held him with her filthy hands.” Pierce said.“Baby they’re lying…..”“You did not only d
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Chapter 5
Sapphire became bored after working on the computers for nearly four hours. She decided to take a stroll around the empire but she discovered that the door was locked from outside. “Stupid boss. Do you think for a genius for nothing?” She quickly got the laptop close by and tapped some keys which opened the door. “Gotcha.” She chuckled.She used the elevator to go the grand floor where some members of the gang were seen walking about.“Who are you?” Knife asked when she bumped into her.“Oh hi, purple bitch.” Sapphire muttered when she saw the all purple tattooed lady before her.“Who are you? Are you a new member of the gang , floor member perhaps?” Knife asked sarcastically. “Actually I’m in a higher rank than you’ll ever be.” Sapphire scoffed.“Oh I see you’re that bitch Draco brought in some days ago…..”“What did you just say?” Sapphire asked walking towards her slowly.“Hey Sapphire.” Molly called excitedly running towards them.“You’re….“Molly. You met me the other day remem
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Chapter 6
“ You’re making it worst.”“I don’t need you to protect me.” She said and stepped forward.“So you got a feisty mouth too?” Derrick smirked.“So sad of you to just notice. What rules were you talking about?”“She’s a higher member of this gang.”“I don’t remember joining the gang. Was that in our agreement Draco?” “No.” Draco sighed and she laughed.“OH so that means I don’t get to obey any stupid rules I don’t know about. Or did you recruit me without informing me?”“You work here now. It means you’re a part of this team.”“Well I wouldn’t try to put it that way. Cause you might live to regret it.” She said and he gasped.“No one has ever talked back at me.”“I’m glad I’m the first. I’ll keep on getting on your nerves. Since we’re all don making ourselves clear… I won’t touch your whore again if she doesn’t cross my part and you won’t belittle me to being a member of your tiny club.”“Tiny!”“Great we understand each other perfectly. It was nice doing business with you.” She smirked
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Chapter 7
NEXT DAY, ITALY.Clyde was with Giulia in his apartment. They were both watching a movie when they heard the doorbell ring. Giulia quickly rushed to answer the door and she met a woman on all black at the door. “Who are you?” She asked rudely and the woman scoffed.“Who are you?” The woman asked and pushed her way into the apartment.“Hey you can’t come in here! This is trespassing.” Giulia said after her but she ignored her.“What’s going on?” Clyde asked as he walked in on them.“Boo.” Anne said like a baby.“Anne.” Clyde said shocked as she pulled him in a hug. “Did you miss me baby?” Anne teased and he chuckled.“More than you can imagine.” He said and broke the hug. “You didn’t tell anyone you were coming.”“I didn’t know I was coming.” Anne smiled.“I’m still here.” Giulia coughed behind them.“Clyde honey, take my bag. Be a gentleman.” Anne said and Clyde quickly took the bag from her.“Anne, this is Giulia, my girlfriend.” Clyde introduced and Giulia who was already fuming
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Chapter 8
“ Hey Pierce. " Molly called after him when she saw him come out of Draco's suite. “ Molly. " He smiled shortly. “ I was looking for you. "“ Oh really?" “ Yes. Have you seen Francesco?" “ That silly tech guy, no. I think Lord Derrick sent him on an errand. " “ Lord Draco needs him." Pierce said and she rolled her eyes. “ He'll be back soon, I guess. “ She muttered. " The new girl...."“ What about her? “ " She's cute. I like her. “ Molly said and he chuckled. " You like every cute girls Molly. One would mistake you for a lesbian. “ He said and she pulled his right ear." Just say you like her asshole. “ She spat. " Like who? She could kill me if we get into a fight. Did you see the way she attacked Knife? “ He scoffed and she let go off his ear. " Just don't use such words on me again or I might pull out your ear this time. “ Molly glared at him. " Yes ma.“ Pierce winked. " Tell Francisco to see me when he's back. “ She said and walked away. " Love her ass. “ He whispere
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Chapter 9
“ Why do you want Pietro so badly?" Sapphire asked. She had begged Draco for a cup of coffee to help her stay awake.“ He has something that belongs to me?"“ What? Your mother? Gold? Money? Drugs?"“ My child. " He said and she gasped. “ Is that why you recruited me? To find your child?" “ Part of."“ How is he?"“ She? Four." “ Oh.." Sapphire muttered. “ He sure has history with young girls. " She chuckled. “ So I've heard." “ I'll help you. From now on, I'll be fervent since this is involving a child. "“ If it wasn't?"“ I don't work for killers, remember?"“ I know why I hate you but why do you hate me? I mean you barely know. "“ Youre just like my father. A ruthless killer who gets anything he wants. I hate you all." She scoffed. “ I haven't been ruthless. "“ But you are. Ive worked in the underworld too and I've heard a lot about you and your brother. From what I've heard, you're even more ruthless than he is. “ " Hmm..“ He said and stood up. " Goodnight. I expect impr
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Chapter 10
“ Are you okay now?" Draco asked for the umpteenth time after helping her settle down .“ Yes. It was just a slight cold." She said and he chuckled. “ Really? Maybe you should go back."“ Are you crazy? I almost turned into ice block in that cage. " She said dramatically with her eyes wide open and he laughed.“ I thought it was just a slight cold. “"Well I was being sarcastic." She rolled her eyes. " Just stay away from my brother from now on. “ " Do you think I'm a spy too? “ She asked out of the blue. " What?“ " Your brother called me a traitor. “" Ohh.... “" He said something about my father. “" Why didn't you say you were Fernando Luca's daughter? “" My name says it all. “ " No one has ever seen your face. “" That's because my father hid me carefully. “ She shrugged. " I was once part of the kidnapped kids at Pietro's estate. “" You were? “" That's in the past. I'm feeling light headed."“ I'll leave you to rest." “ Thank you mob boss." She winked. Draco left the
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