The Organ Games

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The Organ Games

By: MK20 CompletedMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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A once-in-a-lifetime chance to save a loved one on their deathbed. All they had to do was complete a series of games and prioritize their loved ones on a Donor list. But the games were not as simple or innocent as they had imagined, and they soon discovered that a lot of blood had to be sacrificed in order to secure that spot. Will they continue to play for the sake of their loved ones, or will they give up and face the consequences?

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  • Iwaswiththestars


    Love the synopsis!! Will read this .........

    2023-01-23 18:14:00
  • Amleht9510


    fantastic story...keep up with the good work......

    2022-05-29 02:01:04
  • Tmylife


    its a very interesting book .l love it ............ pliz continue

    2022-05-29 01:54:57
  • Sagittarius


    Great start this reminds me of squid games

    2022-05-25 20:17:02
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80 chapters
Chapter 1
Life seems to be unfair in most people's lives, no matter how good, upright, and law-abiding they are. Life just smacks them in the face and leaves them choked with its smoky toxic fumes. This is a story of fifty people from different sorts of lives sprung across the fifty states of the United States of America. They all have two things in common: their loved ones are dying and they are below the donor list. Organ transplant is one of the most expensive health services in health care. Only a few can afford it, and most insurance companies do not cover it. The rich seem to be on top of the list, but what happens to the poor or middle-income families that cannot afford it? Do they just sit around and wait for their loved ones to die if a donor can't be found or they are below the waiting list? 
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Chapter 2
In Washington, the night came with its usual uneasiness, and like every night, David sat in the hospital waiting area, not wanting to be next to his wife's bedside. Guilt always suffocated him. He was too ashamed to look into her eyes. Somewhere in the back of his head, he felt if she looked deep into his eyes, she would see what he did. So he avoided being in the room when she was awake.   The hospital waiting area became his home. He would sit there watching the emergencies, the outpatient cases, or just watching the ins and outs of people that required medical services. Usually, it was the crying people that got his attention. It always meant one thing: a loved one had died. He wondered how he was going to receive his news. Was he going to be at work or was he going to be next to her or hiding in the waiting area? He always wondered how he would cry o
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Chapter 3
With six-inch heels and the sun blazing directly on her head, Acer was dripping wet as she navigated the tall grass. Her legs were killing her as she began regretting not wearing her sneakers.  She was in the most rural parts of Texas, heading to the farm of someone on her list. She stopped and stared at the map, making sure that she was on the right farm. She wanted to make sure that she was at 30-year-old Berth's house, her last recruit on the list. She was so exhausted that all she wanted was to go home and relax in her bathtub, listening to her favorite music.   However that dream was far from her reach. She only got ten acceptances from willing participants out of the 50 total participants from the 50 states of the country. <
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Chapter 4
Finally, she was home, and as soon as she opened the hotel door, she rushed to the bathroom. It was the first time that she had stayed that long in her own sweat. She wanted to soak it all in the luxury tub.  She always enjoyed that part of her job and the luxury that came with it. She always promised herself she would enjoy that part no matter how bad things went. She deserved that part. At least, that's what she kept telling herself. She gently undressed and slid into the bathtub. She only desired a lengthy bath. The following day was going to be a whirlwind. She still hadn't heard back from the other 40 states, and she was running out of time. She coul
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Chapter 5
Berth sat in her living room, her hands still clutching her handgun. She kept staring at the watch. Her invitation was expiring in thirty minutes. The thought of the game being real and getting replaced was what was eating her up.  The strange lady was right. It was all her fault that her child was faceless and lying in the next room, hiding from the cruel world. The thought of it made her tear up as she held onto her handgun.She had nothing to lose by playing the game, she thought to herself. She would jump to the end of the world for her daughter, but yet there she was counting the minutes away.  Yes, there was a big chance the games were fake, but the pity was on the lady and not her. <
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Chapter 6
Most of them wailed in pain, while others dropped their phones in shock. There was silence, as she waited for them to recover and pick up the phones. After some minutes, they were all back on the phones, scared but silent. She went straight to welcoming them and went straight to game one.                         GAME 1  "Game 1," she explained, "call someone in your phone book who you know will not pick up." There was total silence, with most of the players raising their eyebrows in confusion. This forced her to repeat h
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Chapter 7
The morning came with its horror. Most contestants hid away from the rising sun as it reminded them of the possibility that their horror was not yet over. The night had seemed too short for those that wanted out, while it seemed too long for those that were eager to get done with it and get the organs.  Some of them woke up pretending like nothing happened. Some stayed in their houses locked up, scared of what was going to happen to them. They thought if they hid away, their new problem would just evaporate away. However, at precisely noon, the white box containing the phones reappeared for each contestant who had previously destroyed their phones. The organizer chose noon because it allowed every contestant in different time zones to participate in th
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Chapter 8
Acer watched as Alabama entered his house, shaking. At least some of the players were not idiots, and soon they were going to realize that the more they resisted, the more people were going to die. She chuckled and turned her attention to Pennsylvania. The player seemed determined and lacked a thread of dignity. She watched as a man who appeared to be in his thirties navigated through the subway. He was a small, struggling lawyer, tall, with short dark hair and a medium build, who had been married for eight years. She remembered that he was playing for his daughter, who needed a cornea transplant in both eyes, or else she was going to live the rest of her life blind. Read more
Chapter 9
Before she could react, her second phone rang and she quickly answered it. It was her bosses demanding her to speed up the game or else they would take action. "I understand, sir, I was hoping the players would..." She replied but was cut off and given new instructions to spice the games up.  Acer's face grayed in dismay. She swallowed hard and nodded along to every instruction.   She looked at the phone, then at her screen monitor in horror. She put both her phones down and went to her bathroom for a breather. She stood in front of the mirror, staring back at her puffy eyes with dark circles. She was not getting enough sleep. She missed her long naps and would kill for one but there
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Chapter 10
The silence dragged, some phones landed on the floor as some hands froze or became too sweaty, making it too slippery for them to hold phones.  Acer gave them time to digest what they had just seen. She wanted them to become immersed in the horror they had willingly signed up for. She walked to her kitchen and began preparing herself dinner. Hiding on a secluded island resort, most rich people would be enjoying the scenery, jet skiing, or haunting, but the guests of the island were not into that. They called themselves pledgers, and they were busy applauding the horror they had just witnessed. Finally, they were getting the show they had paid for. They had put in a lot of money in order to acquire the resources that were required for the type of sick g
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