"Fu a ni tu ka li a ta."

      His beards were growing whiter and the curves all over his face were decked with hardened fluids. He had no idea since when he had had a proper wash of his skin in the pool of the Dean. 

    He had thought that he wouldn't see him anymore until he did at that moment. He wasn't in a good shape and he could tell. 

    His legs were quaking. The man was trying to hide it but he had figured it out. He didn't know what typa father would love to hide a thing from his son. That was some blue-button shit. 

     "Hi tub rhi gu to ti a fi ti ku an ti a ba grabul grat brya met a li prn hur flot lli set ghu ma brih plr jres ders thu mia ba thril men luh jrs swed."

    His father said. He was trying to decide what he was saying. Of course he understood all but was trying to sort i

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