Invisible Sight

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Invisible Sight

By: Leto OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Aura, a very talented and courageous 26-year-old Lawyer. She wants to get a divorce from her husband who cheats her. As Alumni, she wants he husband's flat. After so many argument with her husband and in law's family, she gets the flat. But after she complete her divorce, that night she finds her husband's body in this flat. At one point she was arrested for killing her husband but she denied that she killed him. Another 3 murder also took place in the middle of this police investigation with Aura's husband's murder case. And they also uncovered a murder case which happened 6 years ago. Did Aura really killed her husband? What is her relationship with these murders?

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  • Rebecca Rodriguez


    Love this story.

    2022-09-14 02:31:25
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50 chapters
Aura divorce her husband
Aura signed the divorce papers without any hesitation. Her facial expressions are very normal. It is not understood what is going on in her mind. Because her hands are not shaking, nor are her eyes watering. She is more normal than usual. Mrs.Pratha is watching the girl closely. It was unbelievable that her daughter would make such a big decision within nine months of marriage. It’s not that she didn’t try to tie, but the girl is big enough; She likes to make all her own decisions alone. It is not that she will give up a stubborn child in any school, slap two or three times, kill. Her ex-husband Marrow is sitting opposite Aura. Marrow's face is pale. After a while, he is biting his bare lips and biting his nails. He can't say anything even after going to say something again and again. Her parents are sitting on either side of her. Marrow's father Martin Davidson is a joint district judge of the Jazz Court. He has a good reputation in Seoul. He is the image of justice to everyone. Of c
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Is the divorce over?" Robert asked. "Huh, very well met. Seeing the face of my ex-father-in-law it was like someone set fire to the cold body. You can say that I have thrown stones at the black money mine that has been accumulated for so long." Aura laughed. "Wow! You are amazing but, you know what if there were 30 percent girls in our country like you, then even after enduring the suffering of many girls in this country, maybe they would not have to live in such a hell called in-laws' house.""I'm not all, tell me why you have to call me so late at night?""Sajussi went to the police station. But as always idiot sub-inspector Damon did not allow the report to be written.""You don't have tension, he won't write a report on his neck. I put it on, the throat is dry. It would be nice to eat coke.""Are you going out tonight?"Aura laughs at Robert's question and says,"Because I'm single. I have to live alone."Aura cut the phone. She locked the door with the bag. A five-minute walk f
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Aura killed Marrow!
Time is running out but there is no news from it. Mr. Martin's patience is breaking. Nuxin Davidson is just calling on God. She is begging for her son's life. Two hours later, the doctor came out. His face twitched. As soon as the doctor came out, Mr. Martin rushed to him. Anxiously asked,"Doctor, my son? Is everything alright?"The doctor is silent with his head bowed. He did not understand how to tell this news. " Sorry Mr. Martin, after many attempts I could not save him. There has been a lot of bleeding. And if he had been brought some time ago, it might have been saved."Mrs. Nuxin lost consciousness as soon as she heard the doctor's words. Mr. Martin is standing there. It is as if he is tasting death even while he is alive. His only son is not here today. He is lost in the land of no return. His wife is crying but he can't cry. Meanwhile, Aura is sitting still, feeling pain in her chest or another side. It is very difficult to breathe. The pain seems to be lumpy near the thro
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Aura has been arrested
Eleven o'clock at night,Aura is sitting in the interrogation room. The 220 volts yellow light is hanging over his head. Aura's forehead is dripping with sweat. Feeling pretty hot in the heat of the lights. There is a glass of water in front of the back of the hair. Emir is looking at Aura with a slanted gaze. He has been playing a question and answer game with Aura for the last two hours. But he has not yet received an answer as he wanted. This case has been haunting him like crazy for the last three days. This is a very big problem for government employees. Emir ran like crazy for three days. Didn't get to bedtime. It is doubtful whether he slept for four hours in three days. Emir's red eyes are looking at Aura. Emir let out a heavy sigh. Then he said in a cold voice,"Where were you at the time of the murder that night?""Outside, I went to buy coke."" Where?""A store on our road, called "Russell Store"."I asked, the shop owner said you didn't go to buy coke that night.""The ow
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The Polythene
As soon as he opened the polythene, a smile appeared on the corner of his lips. His eyes are shining. Emir took the polythene in his hand. Then he called the doorman of the building in a loud voice. As soon as Emir's call was heard, the building doorman Luis ran and stood in front of him. Luis has been the gatekeeper of this building since its construction. Emir observes Luis from head to toe. A man with a very leaky body, over forty years of age, not a hair of his head is raw, he loves to drink and keep his lips and teeth red. He is looking at Emir with frightened eyes. Luis is very scared of the police. Her hands and feet trembled when he heard the name of the police. Before coming to Seoul city Luis was quite famous as a village thief. He would have made a lot of money, but once he was caught by the police, he still remembers the beating of the police. Emir watching him like this made him even more scared. Does this officer arrest him? Emir put his hand on Luis' neck. Luis shuddere
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Robert's doubt
About an hour later, Robert arrived. Aura was giving the last sip in the cup of tea. Damon is sitting just opposite Aura. Robin takes permission from Damon to talk with Aura. As soon as Robert came, Aura breathed a sigh of relief. Robert sat down in front of Aura and said,"What's the story? On what basis did you get arrested? And also without any conversation brought you straight to the police station. What does all this mean?" Will you let me tell you first? How do I answer so many questions together?"Sorry, actually I was surprised and also frightened too much. Tell me what's happened."Aura told Robin the whole story in detail. Robin is silent for a while. After thinking for a while, he says,"The bustered Martin killed Marrow by himself. And he blamed you. I'm sure. I don’t let him go.""Oops, you are wrong. Mr. Martin did not kill Marrow.""How are you so sure?""Because Mr. Martin is not as stupid as killing his son just to hurt his son's wife. He is a very cunning man." Ma
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The last hope
Sunday, 12 o'clock in the morning,Emir is sitting outside Mr. Martin's office. Emir has been sleepless for the last three nights. If there was no pressure from the upper floor, he would not be able to do so much physical work. The purpose of coming here today is to answer some questions. He has been sitting on the sofa outside for the past half hour. Mr. Martine is busy with an urgent matter. There is no rush for Emir. So he is sitting there. Suddenly Mathew (Martin's secretary) came and informed Mr. Martin had called him. While entering Martine's room, Emir noticed that Sub-Inspector Damon was leaving the room. Seeing Emir, he saluted. Then he bowed his head like a thief and went out. Emir smiled crookedly and Mr. Martine was smoking a cigar in the room. He gestured to Damon to sit down. He put down his cigar and asked in a cold voice," How far has the case gone, officer? I heard the girl is in custody?" "Yes sir. The investigation is ongoing. We want to see the en
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Trap for Aura
The person whose fingerprint was found on the gloves is dead. How do you burn dead people in prison?" Lay Jayden himself feels bad for giving such an answer to Emir. How much the boy relied on him! But he has nothing to do here. He has to accept what is true. Hearing those words Emir stared blankly as if the neurons in his brain had stopped working for a moment. He doesn't know if Mr. Jayden is joking with him. If he's joking, it's a very funny joke. And if not, Emir is going to face the second failure of his life. Thoughts are sitting on Emir's head. He has been running like crazy for almost a week. He is trying to solve this case by clenching his teeth by enduring the pressure of the upper floor. He thought this understanding opened a door, but all in vain. Emir said in a worried voice, "Are you kidding me, sir? I don’t think it’s necessary for this situation. " "Have I ever made fun of you? And in such a situation do you think I would do something like that?" "Not on or
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At the Court
At 9 p.m. Some pictures are pinned in front of a whiteboard. Emir is looking at the pictures with one glance. A burning cigarette in hand, a mug of Kadir on the table is getting cold. But Emir does not notice that. His eyes are fixed on the pictures on the board. Each picture is a character. And each character is telling a story. A new picture has been added of Saddam. Saddam's death put an end to his case. A thief came to steal and stabbed the owner of the house. Then he died due to excessive intoxication. The matter is very simple. But a part of the puzzle does not match at all. Emir is not able to match that part even after thousands of attempts. At one point, Emir's fingers began to heat up as he lit a cigarette, and his thoughts came to an end. He puts the cigarette on the ashtray. A sneer appeared on the corner of his lips. One more sleepless night answers some more questions. A week later, Standing on the fence is Aura, dressed as her ex-husband's killer. Rob
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Robert and Emir's plan
With the permission of the judge, Peskar called Emir to the fence. Emir stood on the fence. Aura is watching Emir after this one week. Darker ink with eyes, darker complexion looks more black. The hair is unkempt. I don't know how many sleepless nights it seems. Aura has been watching Emir since childhood. The man seems to her like an inanimate object. At a time when boys and girls are usually bound by lingerie, managing his family is no less daunting. As his father died in a hurry, the responsibility of a family fell on his shoulders. Emir has kept that world in check till today. That is why even after getting so old, he did not start the chapter called marriage in his life. Aura is looking at Emir with one glance. He is standing motionless. Although there is a look of fear in his eyes, Aura cannot understand the reason. Under the pressure of power, the opposing lawyer is saying yes to the judge while Emir has openly agreed to be Robert's witness. He does not have the illusio
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