Dawn Of The Night

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Dawn Of The Night

By: Ngoc Trần OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Tran Thien is an Omega, but because of his enhancement, his appearance is stronger than normal Omegas, and he has perfectly hidden himself as a BETA. For fear of becoming a "volunteer" for the "New Human Breeding Program", he carefully concealed his gender. Until one time, he snuck through a period of pheromone fluctuations in the wild, and was knocked unconscious under the influence of a pheromone response, and was discovered along the way by an unfamiliar alpha. Since this day of winning and losing, bad luck has also followed. Even the base where they lived was completely destroyed by mutant beasts attracted to a mysterious woman. He thought that the word "Fuck" before losing consciousness was his last word to this world, but did not expect that when he woke up and opened his eyes, after trying to concentrate… As an alpha female, Yen Nhi ban At first she thought she was destined to be a widowed king in her life, until she met a man in the middle of the street who would pull her pant leg to death and scream "for help" frantically.

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Chapter 1: Fight with monsters
 The afternoon sun shines on the ground, dyeing the sand and gravel beaches and lake beaches. Many reeds grow on the beach, and green shoots drill up out of the moist soil, adding a flourishing backdrop to this slumbering world of decaying civilization.     On the shore of the lake, the wind was strong, and his body was still cold as ice, but there was a man holding his trousers and cuffs, looking along the water to fight the cold and wet wind. It seemed that this man was going to try his luck, but after searching for a long time, he still couldn't find any dead fish stranded. Although he looked disappointed, he was not discouraged, but immediately turned his attention to the green reeds by the lake.     These are edible, and the taste is very refreshing. Although it doesn't have many calories, it can also add some minerals and vitamins. It's soft and crunchy after a bit of processing, much more appetizing than those evenly
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Chapter 2:
The huge mouth of the mutant monster opened with saliva, and countless transparent and sticky threads were pulled out.  However, the food he was looking forward to did not come as expected, instead, he lost his balance from the blow with all his strength.      Under the shock, the strange beast vaguely aware of the opponent's movements suddenly became lightning fast, like a different person.  As if the embarrassment just now was just a boring game, playing hide and seek with yourself.  This seemingly unimpressive bipedal creature at first seems to have risen to several levels at once, and the energy fluctuations emanating from its body can actually affect its predatory instincts.  It finally sensed that something was wrong, and the beast's instincts made it aware of danger.  However, its rudimentary brain was not enough to assist him in making the right choice.  Although it felt vaguely a bit unwell, it wasn't enough for i
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Chapter 3:
Everyone knew that Tran Thien was a person with the ability to evolve strength, but he didn't feel like seeing a muscular man. He has a lean build, thin build, tall, with smooth shoulders, back, and waist. Along with his white skin and autistic weekday looks, people easily associate him with being weak and introverted.      The guy with the ponytail is a vulgar guy, neither tall nor strong, and he clearly prefers the type of person who is thinner than himself. Years of longing to be satisfied, when he first saw Tran Thien, he had a miserable thought of him. It's just because the other party is capable, can't handle it now, and can't force him to obey. In the end, there was a reasonable chance, so naturally I had to get some oil and try it. But looking at the other side, it seems that they are not the same person. The man tied his hair in a ponytail thought: Anyway, this guy is injured, if he wants to stay here, he will definitely find someone to t
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Chapter 4:
It is no longer a fierce life-and-death struggle to capture local needs for core resources, but exploring future development. In this utterly barren environment, however, relative affluence fades. Almost all major bases follow this open secret, which is to try to cultivate better evolution by "breeding" the next generation. That's right, not pregnancy, but procreation. All processes are based on experiments, and the human participants are no longer even humans, but simply named experimental individuals.      The target is an Omega with excellent fertility and the ability to exchange genetic information with beta in a variety of ways. (Alpha and Omega produce a and o, and beta beget beta, but such beta is usually more perfect.) Those soft, beautiful creatures gradually become breeding grounds for hope, known as devoted people. Future is a selfless and respectable pioneer.      However, at least Tran Thien has nev
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Chapter 6: At midnight, Tran Thien is outside…
  In the middle of the night, Tran Thien was awakened by the sound of earthquakes outside. The movement is enough to wake up a person who has been fast asleep within a second.      Instinctively, he sat up like a spring and approached the window, and after a few steps, he was back in his trousers, even half of his jacket.      Outside the window was pitch black, only a few sparks could be seen in the distance. Tran Thien blinked, his pupils really reflected green light like wild beasts active in the night.      Countless shadows, large and small, ran chaotically through the base, and the wailing accompanied by the incessant hissing. Tran Thien can be sure that it was quiet not long ago, but now it seems the gates of hell have been opened, taking advantage of the night, his huge body stirring the wind and playing a song with his prey next to him. their paintin
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