In Good terms

      A thick forest. 

    "Why don't we all return to the village. Eventually we would all die by the claws of that ugly thing. Believe me."

    Lude was the first to speak. He was seating all by himself. Hira was seated beside Iva, resting her head on his shoulder. They were all in the cave. 

    Twas quite close to the eventide and in no time, the continuous cawing of the mofo Ravens would start and crazy ominous sounds would take their shifts too. 

    Lude was done with being in that forest. He had made up his mind to leave in no time if the fucking lovers wouldn't use their heads. 

    "That's quite illogical of you to say. Eventually we will all die by the claws of that ugly thing. Aren't you willing to fight?"

    Iva challenged. Lude scoffed. He didn't know that he could really get along with Iva. He had thought that the fellow was a dickhead bu

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