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By: Noveria OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Yuda's future as a smart student comes to an end when he witnesses his classmate Mario fall from the 3rd floor roof of the school. Some students and teachers think that Yuda is a murderer. However, due to his father's position, Yuda was able to escape legal consequences. Yuda was bullied, resulting in trauma and depression. His delusions make him a serial killer.

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  • Ehigiator Chiegeonu


    The book is nice but I can't rate it a five cause of the pronoun replacement

    2023-09-25 05:53:35
  • Kim Yeontan



    2023-09-02 23:27:48
  • Mawar Viani


    Happy reading

    2023-07-23 22:54:18
  • ragavi priya


    English is poor and this book is full of confusion. sometimes it's a he for a female and she for a male. description a bit confusing

    2023-09-12 21:59:24
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28 chapters
Chapter 1
Gasping for breath, Yuda ran from what he had just seen. He ran down all the stairs from the 3rd floor of his school. Heavy breathing, limp body, cold sweat poured all over his body, this time adding another problem when his vision started to blur. Yuda was still running with all his might, as the voices of other students' screams echoed in his ears. Huh ..., huh ..., huhh .... He opened his eyes, and Yuda woke up with his dream. His body felt the same as in the dream. "110," Yuda looked at the heart monitor watch in his left hand. Then Yuda took a glass of water from the table and drank it in three gulps. Uhuk ... uhuk ... uhuk .... The cough started to become inflamed when Yuda's heart rate was over 150. His throat began to feel hot and he could smell blood. It looked like blood was about to come out of his mouth, but Yuda, still holding it and trying to calm himself, leaned back on the bed and then raised his head. This method keeps the blood from exploding out of the mouth.
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chapter 2
A body that has already fallen cannot rise again. With her mouth still open,Yuda's mother was still shocked by the discovery of human body parts in the room. With a limp body, backwards and out of Yuda's room.Hoek ..., hoek ..., hoek ....All the breakfast that goes into the intestines comes out without a fight. With a body of cold sweat, his mother looked back at the severed finger lying on the floor.Tetttttttt...The bell ringing from behind the ground floor door added to the surprise of Yuda's half-conscious mother. His mother came downstairs and saw who had come in this rainy weather. Then the door was opened, and he saw a man standing at the door of his house with a soaked raincoat . The courier asked Yuda's mother to pay for the package, $100. Yuda's mother was curious about what her son had bought at such a low price. His mother then asked the courier to enter the house, and brought a package weighing 3 kilograms into the living room. Then his mother went into the room to get
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Chapter 3
If Yuda misses the girl he likes and wants to see her, now Yuda doesn't have to come to school to see the girl in secret. Yuda closed the box, and took it along with the other collection boxes that were on the table and also under the drawer of his closet.All the collections have different memories of the people around them. Some made his life difficult, some made him feel jealous and betrayed. Yuda opened his bedroom window and inhaled the refreshing scent of rain mixed with blood in his room. Like the new formula Yuda had managed to make into a perfume.Yuda saw several people walking in front of the fence of his house, covering their noses and mouths."Maybe the scent got to them. Thanks to the good news, I didn't feel alone."A very tiring day, pulling the body of the girl he likes out of the school's backyard this morning."Sorry, we can't meet tomorrow. I'm sorry," Yuda said quietly.October 23, 2016,At that time, there was a friendly volleyball match between the schools, Bina
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chapter 4
Yuda came down from the roof of the school, trembling. His eyes shone with deep fear, his fingers fidgeted restlessly.All the students left the classroom, saw the tragedy in the schoolyard, Yuda joined the crowd of students down the stairs to hide from the eyes of his friends. His face was hidden by the cap of the jacket he was wearing.The sound of sirens from police patrol cars and ambulances echoed across the field of Bina Bhakti High School. Several students and faculty members were screaming hysterically at the sight of a bloodied body lying in front of them.Arriving at the first floor of the school, Yuda ran out of the crowd into the school's courtyard. His mind was in chaos and he could only run to get rid of it. He climbed a 3 meter high wall to get out of the school and into the garden behind the school.Running and running was all he could do, his eyes still overshadowed by Mario's bloodied body. His breathing was heavy and his legs began to go limp. Yuda was lying in behi
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chapter 5
The story of friendship is over, but the story of revenge has just begun.Yuda's return to school was a torture. No friends approached him, only cynical glances could be seen in the eyes of his schoolmates. No one wants to discuss why the tragedy of Mario happened, but everyone just wants to hear that Yuda should be in prison just because he was there as a witness to the loss of life of Mario, the school idol.Not content with talking bad in front of Yuda, some friends who said they did not accept Mario's death came and intimidated Yuda after school.Garbage, cow dung and sewer water once got into Yuda's mouth. The boys' volleyball team and the boys' futsal team at his school really made Yuda live like hell every day. Then they took him to the backyard of the school to abuse him. All because they felt they had lost the great Mario in their team.The fear every time I go to school makes Yuda depressed. Complaining to the teacher without proof is just a trap for himself."Who else are y
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chapter 6
His mother's screams made Yuda realize that he had made a mistake with his father. Yuda was nervous and went outside the house to escape. However, his steps stopped when he reached the fence. Yuda turned around and went back inside to help his father. Yuda stood in front of the door and saw his mother trying to pull out the knife that was stuck in his father's calf. Then, after successfully removing the knife, his mother ran into the room and came out with a cloth to bind his father's feet to stop the blood from flowing out. "Damn it, call an ambulance!" his father snapped. Yuda was still silent and stood motionless in front of the door to see the blood coming out of his father's calf. Yuda did not know what to do, his mind was completely blank at that moment. His father pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and tried to call an ambulance himself, but his mother quickly grabbed the phone out of his father's hand and then slammed the phone on the floor. "What are you doing? You
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chapter 7
Yuda was shocked by what Ihsan had done to him, and for a moment his guts shrank as a knife cut into his neck. "If I kill him, I don't need anyone else's help, I'm brave enough to do it myself," Ihsan said, putting the knife on the table. He took a band-aid from his pocket and gave one to Yuda.Yuda was silent, then put the plaster over the wound on his neck. His anger exploded, but he tried to hold it back. Several pairs of eyes stared at Yuda and Ihsan, making Yuda nervous. Yuda could feel his heart beating faster and his body getting weaker because he was too tired this morning. Yuda sat down in front of Ihsan. He leaned back on the chair and watched Ihsan's eye movements, which were focused on the laptop screen."What class are you from? I've never seen you before," Ihsan said and looked at Yuda. Yuda just remained silent while he adjusted his diaphragm back to normal. "Don't be a genius, I don't want to get my hands dirty with stupid things," Ihsan added, then hit enter and smil
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chapter 8
Yuda turned to Ihsan's mother, a little surprised that Ihsan could win Jeni's heart. "Um... but this one year, Jeni never came here," Ihsan's mother added, this time explaining about Jeni. Yuda took two photos from the album and put them in a bag. A photo of the futsal team and a photo of the volleyball team, both of which looked strange when Ihsan, who had never joined the school's sports team before, suddenly changed to take the position previously occupied by Mario. After a few conversations, Yuda left Ihsan's house. He was currently driving his car to the house that burned down last night. Yuda saw several policemen surrounding the area. ""Poor thing, the girl is too young to die now." someone said, talking about the body found in the house. A man was screaming hysterically, trying to break through. Yuda turned to see a familiar figure of a man. The fat man who had fought with Ihsan on campus yesterday.Yuda realized that the corpse was a girl who had been photographed naked by
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chapter 9
"Kill them, is that what you want?" someone whispered into Yuda's ear, softly at first, then the whisper became louder like a scream. With a gasp, Yuda opened his eyes. A fight was still going on in front of his eyes, but he had fallen asleep from exhaustion. He thought he had killed Suga. But the reality is not that simple. His first plan will be to give Suga a keychain with a small modified CCTV that Suga will carry with him wherever he goes, then at the right time and off guard Yuda could kill Suga, the second plan will be to hire a girl to trap Suga, because Yuda knows that Suga is a playboy and he will easily get stuck with a slightly beautiful girl. Then kill him.'Ah ... the thought of killing always comes up when my brain wants to rest,' Yuda thought, annoyed with himself. The soccer match ended and Yuda's footsteps disappeared from the field. From a distance, Yuda saw Suga laughing. Suga's life seemed to be very happy with his popularity. "It is too complicated for me to ma
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chapter 10
'Blind love makes you unhappy, and now you feel it after believing in a liar for the second time,' a soft voice whispered...November 8, 2016, after Yuda decided to just stop going to school...That morning, a girl with curly shoulder-length hair came to Yuda's house, rang the doorbell repeatedly, but after 30 minutes, the door was opened. "Hi, how are you?" Jeni said, standing at the door of Yuda's house with a sweet smile. Yuda just stayed quiet and didn't answer, nor did he invite Jeni to enter his house. Jeni looked at Yuda from head to toe. When he saw the wounds on Yuda's body, his face turned sad. "These kids are always hurting people, have you been to a doctor?" Jeni asked, touching Yuda's hand. Yuda dodged and looked away."Can I sit inside and we can talk alone? I have something to tell you, and I've been feeling guilty all this time," Jeni added, then burst in.Yuda's heart is still filled with love, not anger at Jeni's behavior, because they really need to talk, and Yuda
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