To the palace

      "Who unleashed a dog?"

    The only chief seated with the king said. The noise kept coming till a woman broke into the palace. The guards tried to restrain her in vain. The energy behind the cry seemed to had fueled her veins. She was so energetic. 

    At last, one of the guards was able to hold her down but the king called for her freedom. 

   No sooner the guard let her go than she scrambled to the front of the king and almost threw herself on the king. 

    One of the attendants held unto her again and pulled her to the feet of the throne. 

     "What's this drama, woman?"

    The King finally asked, but the woman seemed to had swam in the ocean of her tears. There were scars on her face but on the right cheek, there was a gore. 

     "And what's all these all over your face?"

     The King sa

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