Hills Of Pain

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Hills Of Pain

By: Dharniel CompletedMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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What could be more devastating than watching your lover being shot by a masked man right before your very eyes in the dead of night? Everly isn't just confronted with a daunting reality that shatters her hope for a future with Edwin, but one that also sets her on a new path. In an unexpected turn of events, she relinquishes her dream of being a model and becomes a prosecutor driven by the desire to apprehend Edwin's murderer. However, fate intervenes, and every step she takes seems to lead her to her father, Hubbard. Will she find it in her heart to forgive him for taking away her only source of happiness, or will she ensure that he pays the full price for his actions?

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Chapter One
The gentle moonlight stood at the center of the night sky and painted the surroundings with an electric-blue hue, it lengthened the shadows of objects, gilds everything in a warm glow and reveals little grains of sand on the concrete ground. Everly slipped into her favorite cropped top and denim jeans and appeared before Edwin who sat on the soft bed with his legs crossed and arms placed on the bed behind him, which he leaned on for support. The delightful scent of cologne hit him at a distant, his blue eyes twinkled Their building sat a few miles away from the others, the alley was cemetery-quiet. “How do I look?” she asked with a quirked eyebrow and shaped her lips into a smile.The gentle ceiling lamp dipped her skin in a golden glow.“Woah!” he gawped, his eyes dwelt on her red-violet lips. Her sleek hair gave a striking beauty, she lifted her cropped top, exposing her dainty waist. She had a burning-hot body like that of a model. He cued for her to sit beside him and mirrored
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Chapter Two
Everly's jaw dropped as Edwin fell to the ground, he would never allow her to die in his place. The masked man came for him, it was only right for him to get his job done. “Run!” Edwin spoke through his teeth, she never conceived a life and a world without Edwin, not even for once. Leaving Edwin behind was the last thing she would ever do. Her worst nightmare had finally come alive, and there was nothing she could do to turn back the hands of time. She reluctantly stood up to run, but her legs froze, she felt rooted to the spot. She looked around, especially behind her, Edwin's body laid helpless on the tiled floor. Her heart raced faster, nearly exploding, she gasped and expelled her breath, whimpering uncontrollably. She turned to run like Edwin had instructed her to, but she stumbled against her favorite couch and bruised her toe. “Argh!” she shrilled. Now it dawned on her that she was cursed for being the daughter of Hubbard. She squirmed through the apartment until she found
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Chapter Three
The masked man got on his motorcycle and sped off to meet with Hubbard, nothing was as important to him as the money he would receive for the job. Rival groups had begun to emerge from nowhere and the wingles were beginning to lose everything they'd worked for, his wife, Ayla, needed an immediate surgery for chronic liver failure else she wouldn't last the next seven hours. The old man carefully returned to the apartment as he noticed a sudden calmness. He peeked through the shattered windows and all he could see was a young man determined to survive, he quickly punched in an emergency number and put a call forward to the emergency team. A tear trickled down the side of Everly's nose, she never wanted anyone to find out about her relationship with Edwin. “Who could be behind this?” she conceived and swallowed the dryness from her throat still observant of her environment, she turned back at equal intervals to check if the masked man was after her. The thought of his sick wife pierc
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Chapter Four
Elyria scurried down the stairs, it's been months since she last heard from Everly. She had always planted herself by the window every day, praying silently and hoping that her daughter would return to her, at long last, the heavens answered her prayers. “Mom!” The guards took to their positions and aimed at Everly, ready to pull the trigger. She appeared as a random street girl, more like a beggar. They only awaited an order to shoot from Hubbard, instead, he cued for them to drop their weapons. “Everly!” Elyria yelled, cuddling her arms around her body. “Mom,” a wedge of anger mixed with tears filled her throat,“E-Edwin” she stuttered, choking out her words. “Don't worry dear, you're safe here.” Hubbard advanced in their direction, he wasn't a gangster anymore, but he should have been. He had a lode-gold hair, which he groomed carefully. The aquiline nose he sported complimented his prominent cheekbones. Handsome in an understated way, his basalt jaw and spartan shoulders spoke
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Chapter Five
Graeme Clough expelled his breath sharply and lowered his head, his day would have been a perfect one if only his first duty happened to be something far from murder. Unfortunately, after the death of his sister, Wayde, a high-ranking personality in the force who was brutally murdered in her resident, he swore never to have anything to do with the force, but life surely has a way of changing things. The image of Edwin covered in blood reminded him of that empty night when Wayde laid lifeless on her bed, covered in her blood. She had lifted her arm to reach for her gun, but the serial killer was fast, skilled, and stronger than she was. He clenched his fist with a death grip. “Let's move it!” If there was any hope left to apprehend the culprit, then it could only be now. The special ops team got into the van and were ready to depart the crime zone. Graeme Clough pulled the door open and then paused for a moment, he looked back with a brief tilt of his head and a smile curled-up at t
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Chapter Six
A year later. Elyria sat close to Everly and clutched her arm. “Sweetie, I conceived being a model was what you'd in mind,” she paused. “Just look at you,” a smile curled-up at the edge of her mouth,“You've got a perfect body shape.” she paused again but this time her face crinkled in confusion.“A prosecutor!” she shook her head in disbelief. “A model, you say?” Everly's lips gave a sardonic twist,“If I became a model, would I still apprehend that son of a man who messed up my life?” she arched a quizzical brow. “I need to know why he had to die, is that too much to ask for?” “You're doing all of this for Edwin, huh?” Elyria narrowed her gaze,“Get a grip of yourself, lover girl, Edwin is long dead and forgotten!” Everly sent a long, pained look to her and then broke the eye contact. “To you mom, he's dead,” a tear trickled down the side of her nose. “But to me, Edwin lives.” she lifted her hand and killed the tear on her face halfway,“if anyone at all tries to stop me or get i
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Chapter Seven
Edwin sat on the white sofa, opposite Murat Mohr, as much as he was interested in the conversation with him, he just couldn't take his eyes off the beautiful frame that embraced the wall. The sound of a ticking clock could be heard, red heavy curtains hung on the high windows which only gave room for little light to penetrate. It painted a long vertical rectangular pattern on the tiled floor. The perfume of air freshener circulated the room. A smile flickered at the edge of his mouth, he once had a frame of himself and Everly. “Would things ever return to the way it was?” he conceived and lowered his gaze. If only he could rewind and pick up the pieces of life he left behind. “You're going to need this.” Murat Mohr cut through his thoughts and lifted his arms towards Edwin with what seemed like an identity card. “Huh?” Edwin narrowed his gaze. “You're a dead man, remember?” Edwin seemed to have forgotten so soon as he exhaled deeply, that night could have sent his name down the
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Chapter Eight
The magnificent sight of the early sunrise over the horizons shot through the glass windows, it pulled shadows backwards and dipped the tiled floor in a golden glow. Karl swept a tumbling hair back off his brow and exhaled sharply. “Home, at long last.” he said, his arms spreading wide. Ellie laughed low in her throat, still pulling the luggage behind her as they paced towards the exit door. After a long while, once again her feet greets the American soil. She wouldn't dare to forget his face, his death-cold gaze, his blood would be the ransom for ending the lives of her parents in that car crash. Although he didn't match the description of the masked man who shot Edwin, perhaps the masked man could have the answers she needed. Her beauty caught the attention of other passengers in the airport, and the slow movement of her waist sealed their lips. “Do you have a plan in mind yet?” the words jolted curiously from her throat. “Not yet, one step at a time.” he said.Simultaneously, a
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Chapter Nine
Inside the Prosecutors Intelligence Service (PIS) building, opposite the receptionist's office, sat Everly and Savannah on the metal bench proposed for clients. The movement of people were as that of vehicles on the highway, the murmuring of clients and clanking of shoes on the tiled floor could be heard while the mingling scents of different cologne filled the air. “And that was it.” Everly said, the words leapt out of her mouth almost on their own. She had just narrated the ordeal of Edwin's death to Savannah. “Do you still love him?” Savannah asked, staring into her eyes, the question, although simple, felt heavy like she'd something caught up in her throat. She looked heavenward and exhaled deeply, her mouth crinkling into a smile. She pressed her lips together as her eyes misted with pain. “He was my future, my only hope…” she tossed her head down as tears trickled down the side of her nose. “Everything will be calm.” Savannah assured, cuddling her arms around her shoulders
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Chapter Ten
“I've brought him, sir.” Rezende spoke with his head bowed. “You've done well,” Hubbard complimented, and half turned to him. “Give us a moment alone.” “You could have just said so instead of dragging me down here.” said tactless Darron, adjusting his crinkled shirt. His words seemed to hold a fiber of anger in it. “Watch your tongue!” Rezende said, feeling insulted. He drew his hands into a fist, ready to strike. “There'll be no need for that,” Hubbard warned. “You may leave now.” “I'm sorry, sir.” he apologized, his face buried in the ground. He took some steps backwards and excused them both. “The weather is so nice out here.” Hubbard said and turned to him. “You're the prosecutor in charge of the reopened murder case that took place a year ago, right?” he arched a brow. “Yes I'm, but if you're here to ask me to drop the case then I must say, you've approached the wrong person.” the words ran out of his mouth as though he spoke to his colleague. A dreadful smile curled up Hu
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