"What's up ahead?"

     He looked closely. The creature was standing erect. Not like some panther or beast. Twas standing on two legs and was kinda naked. 

   He could see the bum. At the first sight, he tripped and fell on his face. Lucky for him, he was hiding behind some pretty tall shrubs. He had gone beyond expectations. 

     The creature looked back and he could capture its face. Its face was long and ugly. Somewhat bold and oblong too. 

   Two curvy cum husky horns sat on his head and what looked like a golden strap reached from the depth of the rising of the head to the fall between the nose. 

   Its eyes were gold and and its nose sharp. It growled and the hideous, sharp and short teeth flexed the sticky gums. 

    Twas obviously a male and could be ref

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