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By: Birdie CompletedMystery/Thriller

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Blurb Kelly MacGregor williams had always dreamed of a happy life, She had dreams of competing college, finding a good job, getting married and having kids of her own. All this was thankfully attained with difficulty, well, except for the kids part, After having a childless marriage with her husband jimmy Williams, she finally gets pregnant after three years of marriage. On the night of her third wedding anniversary, she hears the door bell sound at almost midnight while waiting for her husband to be back home from work, when she opens the door she sees nothing but a letter on the front porch, she immediately recognizes the old piece of paper written in big red letters, DEAR ISRAEL. And that was just the beginning of her worst nightmare

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    nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in tpuch with y ? i have sth to discuss abt the book

    2022-03-25 16:00:37
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Chapter 1
Chapter 1DEAR ISRAELKELLY.Jimmy was again back from work late, but how he could even today?,Today was a special day for us, it was our three years in marriage wedding anniversary, he could not forget this special day could he?My feet were sore and my back was killing me but still I was not ready to retire to bed,I was determined to wait for him till he arrived, what could be keeping him out for soo long?,My eyes drifted off to the big wall clock in the living room, it was five minutes from midnight, where the hell was he, I tried calling his line again like I had been doing for the past five hours but still, it went straight to voicemail,When I suddenly thought of calling Alex his best friend and colleague, I heard the doorbell ring,Was it him?, but how he forget he had a spare key with him?, nevertheless, I stood up and went to open the door.Expecting to see him drank on the front door as my conclusion
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2The BABY IS GONEKelly.When I opened my eyes, I looked around the environment and noticed I was in a hospital bed,How did I get here?, was the only question I could ask myself and then, I noticed it, my baby bump it was gone"Aaaah!" I screamed in horror,"Calm down, calm down" I told myself but how could I do that when my baby bump was gone, could this mean, no I cried there had to be an explanation for this, there was no baby I could just wake up and the baby wasn't in me,With in no time, the door to the room opened revealing a man I assumed was the doctor due to how he was dressed and two nurses following him behind"Where, where is my baby?" I asked feeling my throat a bit dry"Mrs Williams, try to calm down" the doctor said, was he freaking with me?,I was just pushed from the top of my stairs and woke up without a baby bump and he tells me to calm the freaking down,"Where,,,, is,,,, my,,
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3SOMETHING STRANGE IN A DREAMKELLY.I found myself back at the Hospital I worked from in my office looking at a picture, when I looked clearly it wasn't a Document of a patient but a picture, for some reason, I couldn't make out how the person on that picture looked like,The picture wasn't burly or anything so I found this all strange and then suddenly, I thought it was a good idea to turn around the picture and see what was at the back of itDEAR ISRAEL, immediately i saw those words, I throw the picture on the floor in panic and horror has I stood up,What was this doing here, who could have written something like that at the back of a photo,Looking down at myself, I realized I didn't look anyway pregnant like I should have, I touched my flat stomach in horror"My baby" I said in more of a whisper, when my eyes turned to the floor to look at the picture I had thrown there, I was surprised it wasn't there,I
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4DEATH AT MY DOOR STEP, matter what I did, my mouth could not open, there was no sound coming from my lips when I was literally screaming in my head,Why couldn't I open my mouth and eyes, I tried to move my hands but as expected, they where glued to the bed, I couldn't move a single muscle of my body,I was feeling sofforcated, even breathing was becoming difficult has I felt I was running out of oxygen,Help!, I tried to scream but no words left my lips, if i stayed like this for a minute longer, surely I was going to meet my death,Was this the end of me, dying just after losing my baby to go knows where, why couldn't I feel my body except my lack of oxygen, yet I could not feel any arms of a person holding me down, what exactly was holding me down?Just when I felt I was going to die any moment due to lack of air, I heard the door to the room open and suddenly, my body was released from whatever wa
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5SOMETHING BEHOLD THE PHYSICAL, OR MAYBEKELLY."Something not physcial, what do you mean by that em,,, am sorry I didn't get your name" I said remembering she had not told me her name"Ruth, my name is Ruth" she said"Nice to meet you Ruth, please call me kelly, you see, I haven't been taking any medicine including the day I lost my baby, besides even if I did which I can promise you wasn't the case, why would I have take wrong medicine?, I mean am a Doctor and I can testify I have never ever prescribed wrong medication to my patients" I said in a matter of fact way"I know mrs will,,,, em Kelly, it could be a Mistake, maybe some drug you took unknowingly through something you ate or drank" I know she was trying to help by saying all this but honestly, I couldn't remember taking anything that could be harmful to me or my baby, I was on a strick diet because of the pregnancy and besides, I only leaved with jim who didn't know much a
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6MUMMYKELLY.A few minutes after Doctor Adams and Ruth left to attend to other patients, I knew I was not alone,I looked around the room but I couldn't see anyone.The atmosphere proved otherwise, I tried to sit up but found that almost impossible to do, my hands and the rest of my body couldn't move no matter how much I tried, suddenly the room became so dark that I couldn't see anythingI suddenly felt something cold holding my cheek, my breath became uneven as I tried to scream,But again my mouth wouldn't open,I felt goosebumps all over my body when I was certain that something was holding me down,'Oh God, help me out' i cried silently, and then I heard it, it was a whisper"Mummy", I screamed at the top of my voice and this time, my voice came out loud and clear,The Doctor and a few nurses walked in and held me down as I tried to get out of bed screaming"Honey, relax, just relax t
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7A DREAM OR WAS IT?KELLY."Honey, how are you feeling now?" I heard jimmy ask when I opened my eyesJimmy, I was home again, I couldn't express the kind of gratitude I felt to be back in this hospital againSo it was all a dream, but it felt so real, the pain I had been feeling when I saw that Doctor kill the baby,The pain was intense and unimaginable"I have been worried sick about you, you have been yelling and crying in your sleep, I got scared and called the Doctor who came to check up on you" "I had a dream, it was a very bad dream" I confused, right now, I was confused as to why I was having these strange dreams,The woman I saw, who was she and what did she mean I was in the land of the dead, all this was just too much, I needed answers "Jimmy, could you do me a favor?" I asked"Right away honey, what do you need, you haven't eaten anything, should I bring you food?" He askedRead more
Chapter 8
Chapter 8THE CLIFFKELLY.After Jim left, I had taken a nap, though at first I was scared that immediately I would close my eyes,The weird things where going to start again but Lucky for me, I had taken my first long Nap without anything out of the ordinary happening,When I woke up, it was already almost midnight and I was alone in my ward,This only meant Jim didn't come like he said he would and I wondered whyI got out of bed feeling a lot better and relaxed, I was hungry so I decided to eat the food that jim had brought in the afternoon,Not minding that the food was cold, I dag into it until I felt full and put the plates aside,I would have loved to take a walk but since it was already midnight, I knew it was a bad idea and hence went back to bed,The room was deadly quite, I couldn't even hear any noise from outside, maybe everyone was sleeping and the Doctors and nurses might have already done their rou
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9THE DEAD MRS WILLIAMSKELLY."When I came to check up on you in the morning, you where screaming and yelling in your sleep, I called the other Doctors but by then, you had already stopped breathing, we tried to do everything we could but you where totally gone, we even announced you dead since you had totally gone cold ten minutes ago" The Doctor explained, I could not believe what I was hearing,Was it because of what happened in my dream if I could call it that,Tim had killed me, he had cut my head off, was that all true, but then, how come I was still alive again?"But how?" Was the only question I could ask,What happened to me didn't feel like it occured the whole night and it certainly wasn't a dream since I could remember very well that I woke up and headed to the bathroom when it started,Tim, just thinking of him scared the hell out of him,Maybe this was a dream showing me how he felt about what I di
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10A BLACK SNAKE AND A SEERERKELLY.I was just behind the nurse as she opened the door to the bathroom,I peeped my head over her shoulder and what I saw had me walking backwards,There was a big black cobra snake on the floorThe nurse quickly closed the bathroom door,"Snake!" We both said at the same time trembling in fear"I will press the alarm button" the nurse said as she did just that"But how did it enter the bathroom, this has never happened before" she said and all I could think about was what if I had gone in there without noticing something was there, surely I would have died again.After a few minutes, three men entered my room asked what happened"There is a big snake in the bathroom" the nurse quickly answered"A snake?" The men gave each other a surprised look"This has never happened before" one of the said"Exactly what I thought" the nurse exclaimed.
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