Fur Elise

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Fur Elise

By: Lixxias OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Wizart, a severely mentally insane man, was detained in a hospital for treatment. The restless brain likes games, making everyone feel anxious to take care of him, not to mention if he invites you to play with him. But, despite his pain, he also experienced bad luck, especially with his children. Wizart believes that the children are still alive now but unfortunately, the children who have been waiting for all this time have died. Benson as a friend tried his best to make Wizart give up on finding his children. "Wizart.. please don't be like this. Your children are gone, Wizart. You have passed away. Don't you feel sad when you imagine your children's spirits are not at peace seeing your father like this? Wizart, please wake up. .” - Benson "What are you talking about? My son didn't die! You don't know anything. I just saw my son running around earlier. Ish!" - Wizard However, Benson will not remain silent after seeing Wizart treated until such a change occurs in him. He was determined to find out who caused Wizart to experience the horror. And Wizart had the opportunity to recall his old story. "It's all over, crazy Wizart." - Nick How brutal will Wizart be? Will Wizart recover or vice versa? Is Wizart really crazy or just being dramatic?

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His legs fast sprinting here and there like a madman. His modest body and wearing the hospital clothes of a mental patient are busy wandering around the area of ​​the mental hospital. He was having fun. Just won the lottery. He ran as fast as he could. But don't forget the sound of joy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Crazy person! Laughter filled the ears of all the same patients as him. Some like to spin their hair while walking, some talk to themselves but face the wall, some make fun of baby statues and all kinds of mental patients there. And the same with him. Likes to run like a person celebrating a victory. I don't know why with him. As fast as the footsteps ran now through the Judge Doctor's room. He hovered outside the room laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA It was noisy to hear him laughing. Doctor Hakim who was in the room heard his laughter outside the room. Quickly he also fell out with a cruel face engraved. Wizart was seen standing stiffly looking at him who had just come o
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This ordinary woman's tears welled up to her clean white cheeks. Yani cried while sitting on the edge of the bed. Remembering the humiliation of one's father-in-law is quite depressing in the soul. "Why am I living in this situation? Why do I feel that there is no justice in me all this time? Even though I'm rich, I'm kind of teased by my own husband's side of the family!" His complaints are getting longer and wider. Tears immediately flowed. Occasionally his index finger wiped his tears. A moment later the atmosphere became quiet, the bedroom door was opened from the outside. Quickly, he wiped his hands immediately. It turned out that the rich and highly praised beloved husband stepped into the room. Yani turned to look at her husband. "Are you back?" said Yani as his wife asked. "You don't need to ask...You already know right?" Rimas Nick answered Yani's question. His heart is small. The husband who married because he was rich and philanthropic was Nick. A man who
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BENSON just looked at Wizart's behaviour as he ran around the park. Running with both hands raised added to the grief Benson saw. His eyes sparkled from a distance watching Wizart. Looks like a happy child playing in a wide park. The hospital service provides a garden for the mentally ill quite comfortably. "Mr. don't worry..Wizart won't do anything here. It's normal..patients who face severe trauma indeed invite their minds to become insane. Sometimes, as a doctor, I wonder what makes them like that.." he said special doctor Wizart to Benson. But both of their eyes were focused on Wizart. "My father...not like him," Benson said immediately. The doctor in front of him immediately looked at him. "He.. can face the dark world even though he thinks it's all like a game. He's a great father," he said again feeling what Wizart felt. It hurts to be in his place. "Do you know anything about his past? The bitter memories must have weighed on his soul until he forgot about his chi
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The Puddle of water in the garden at that time was touched by Wizart with his index finger. Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten the incident yesterday where he dreamed about his children, leading him to run away from the hospital but was unsuccessful. His mouth began to sneeze as he played in the puddles there thinking of his boring time in the park. Doctor Hakim just stood close to him immediately observing Wizart's behavior playing with puddles of water with his fingers. Complaints are released slowly. Doctor Hakim felt tired of taking care of the mental patient in front of him compared to other patients. Wizart's best friend came again to the hospital to visit Wizart. Furthermore, he got a call from the special doctor treating Wizart saying what happened to Wizart yesterday was very alarming. Benson immediately ran towards Wizart who was sitting and playing in a puddle. Like a bored child. "Wizart.." Benson said directly towards him with a worried face. Looks like
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ENTIRE night, Wizart did not close his eyes while the other patients fell asleep in a dream. His eyes twinkled as he hugged the doll. He seemed to be thinking about something. At that time, a nurse working the night shift moved to check the condition of the patient in the room. The moment the nurse entered, Wizart closed his eyes to avoid being noticed. The nurse just monitored the situation before leaving after seeing Wizart who seemed to be sleeping. Although Wizart is just sleeping like a chicken. Hearing the sound of footsteps moving out of the room, Wizart with his sense of hearing moved down from the bed. He walked slowly towards the exit. Step by step, Wizart approached Doctor Hakim's room. Without wasting time, he stepped in quietly. "Wizart..What are you doing here?" asked Doctor Hakim looking at him at the door. Wizart who was a little surprised immediately turned back. It seems Doctor Hakim is still in the room at this time. "Hi, doctor...Hihihihi," he said
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SPEEDING breathlessly took himself out of the area. Since the hospital was very deep and surrounded by forest, he managed to leave there in a white robe. It turns out that Doctor Hakim's white robe was worn on Wizart's body. That also prevented him from being detected as a patient at the hospital. He also tried step by step to disappear from the hospital. Of course, he will be hunted. Unconsciously, Wizart stepped almost towards the small road. Eyes that caught the beautiful light by revealing a network of quiet roads, Wizart smiled widely. He also lowered his face down and exhaled his breath that was out of breath from running. The way out is right in front of your eyes. Without delay, he walked slowly towards the road but a mysterious car drove towards him crossing the road. The light of the car's headlights shone on his face until his legs stiffened as he stood in the middle of the road. Eyes closed without avoiding the car. The driver who realized Wizart was in the mi
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ALL the documents piled up on the desk were worked through one by one by Benson at the company. A difficult start to work but faced with all my heart. Such is the daily work in the office. But, his fingers were trembling when he started his work. His face was clearly worried about something. Eyes darting left and right. His heart was not at peace and even stopped for a moment from continuing his work. "I'm worried too.." he whispered to himself. Because he was too worried about something, he quickly got up from his swivel chair. His steps are also quite noisy. He ran towards the door outside the office. "Oh, where are you going?" suddenly a beautiful and tall woman with straight smooth hair scolded in front of the office door. The steps stopped and turned towards the voice. "Ah? Daria. Ahm...I think there is something left at home. So I want to take it back." he replied to the beautiful woman named Daria. "Oh..you look so worried." he said realizing the look on Benson
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"Wizard!!!" shouted Benson with a face full of fear and shock. A knife was in the grip of a person wearing a white robe in the kitchen. Turns out Wizart is now in his kitchen playing with knives. Even the blade of the knife was very sharp. "Wow. I've never seen anything like this.." he said stunned looking at the blade of a kitchen knife that was so sharp and clean and shiny. Worried, Benson looked at Wizart's movements as if he wanted to play with the knife. "Wizart, you better put the knife down. Eh? Or..give it to me. It's not a toy, Wizart." Benson persuades Wizart who has difficulty changing his mind. "Is this a knife? But why does it look like a sword? This is a sword...what is it?! The handle is very small. It's short too." Wizart's grumbling with the knife he held was unsatisfactory. He also managed to move the knife exactly like a sharp sword even though it was a kitchen knife that was useful for cutting food or something needed. The more afraid Benson approached
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KNEES felt like shaking with the beat of his heart as he sat with his father-in-law and Nick who sat next to him. The atmosphere in the spacious living room was very tense between them. As if they made a big mistake. "Why do you want to see us?" began a calm Nick. Meanwhile, Yani sat restlessly. "Papa wants to talk to you two. Do you two have a problem?" asked the father-in-law to the married couple in front of his eyes. They looked at each other. "We..there is no problem at all. Isn't that right, dear?" said Nick with a cheeky smile as his hand held Yani's bland hand. It's like a play created in front of his father. "Papa is a bit strange. Papa has reminded me many times, right? When will Papa have grandchildren? Papa feels uncomfortable saying this but you two have to remember. Papa is not long. Papa has to pass on his property to his grandchildren. Nick is an only child, it's hard for Papa to trust you one hundred per cent. You don't seem serious about your work either
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