Head of The Table

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Head of The Table

By: Aaron Mutua OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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With more power than the government and more influential than the church, Ben manages to be the greatest drug lord in the black market. This great power and influence comes also with unnecessary attention and draws greedy attempts amongst his associates, including the Tang dynasty. After the negotiable compliant Mr. Tang was befallen with stroke, the business was left in the amateur hands of the two sons, Wu and Li. The Tang brothers were greedy and sought the power Ben possessed. So the two brothers rage the war and it’s the Tang brothers against Ben. Along the way, Ben’s brother-Reuben- is badly injured and is admitted. Elsewhere circumstances and over burden obligations drive a man to suicide but fortunately he survives a forty floor story building drop and is admitted in the same hospital Reuben is admitted. This coincidental unplanned encounter leads to the first meet up between Brian and Ben. At very potential danger and a failed attempted assassination, Ben cooks up an insane idea and opts to hire Brian to act as Reuben temporarily. So the train wreck begins, initially Brian portrays as a humble aspiring drug accomplice but after several attempts by the Tang brothers, Ben is forced to lay low and entrusts Brian with his empire. This move changed the tables, Brian’s ambition and goal to be the best brings hell on earth for those around and loyal to Ben, especially the knights. The excessive blood spilling draws Ben from his hideout, and chaos was everywhere, worse Brian joins forces with the Tang dynasty. However Ben is determined to prove the two merged forces that he was the head for a reason. So the war escalates and eventually only one emerges the strongest.


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57 chapters
The Players
Life is just like a game of chess, a knight may behead the king or a rook may slaughter the bishop. Simply put your move, right player right place checkmate, wrong player wrong place game over. Ben’s life didn’t differ from a game of chess only he was the player and he controlled the players on the board and the board itself you wonder? Well, it was his territory of course. Then there’s the opponent Brian. He was a man who took advantage of every weakness, exposed it to the fullest and made sure he hit where it hurts. He was the one opponent that took the best out off Ben and proved to be the greatest of all opponents he ever faced. So these two players were the mind behind the game Head of the Table.From scratch, when there was nothing but thick dense rainforest and diminished undergrowth, there Ben built his empire. Up the East Coast of Madagascar, spanning 800km wide and a km long coastline strip, all activities here were under one man, yes, this was Ben’s turf, his empire. Ben
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The Other Side
Remember Ben’s situation where his trouble is spending money, well there is another person who would trade even his life for such. Picture this, you earn less than 100 dollars, your sister is in a comma, some gang lord is up your ass to get back his money he loaned you, and worse cops have kept you on the wanted list. Hell of a situation right? The last thing anyone would wish to be in. Well, someone was in this condition and God! Life was hitting him below the belt. Down to the south coast, there in a small but expanding village was Brian, the unfortunate person in this situation. It started when his sister had a fever, he gave her some herbs because getting medical checkups was costly and to do so, they would go hungry for about a week. He worked at a garage but not as a mechanic but a tool boy, he was the servant for the mechanics when they were at work. After a month, his sister collapsed while going to fetch water, luckily she was rushed to the hospital but on an old rusty mot
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The Ambush
“How many minutes left?” Ben questioned, “Just five boss, we’ll be there in five.” answered the diver. Shipment had just docked in Korea, they were down the south coast to pick up the payment. Reuben seemed tensed and Ben noticed. “ feel something isn’t right, like why the south? We never made payments there.” Reuben retorted, letting his worries get to his head. But Ben thought, why the south, it could be an ambush? Recently, the Koreans have tried to take them out of the market by buying shipment twice more than others and reselling with a different label. Be cautious! A stern warning ringed in his head.Taking caution they corked their mini guns, and stashed right in the middle of the waist and the hips gripped by their trousers. Breath in, breath out, there they were Lin and Wu, the Tang brothers of the Tang dynasty. They were their buyers from the beginning and invested a fortune in this business.“There, five million in cash,” handing two black, leather briefcases, “the r
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Not yet dead
Drippers, white walls, a holter machine, a stretcher? Am I in the afterlife? Brian was still unconscious, was the after life hospital like? Whether you are drunk or high, when has the after life resembled a hospital? Even if Jesus never said how the after life was like, how just how? Brian wake up you aren’t dead! It’s true, not an illusion nor a lie, Brian survived.Wait I am not dead? Brian still was in disbelief. How can I survive a fatal fall, how? This was pondering his consciousness. But just think, 40 floor building fall and you are still breathing? Not even science can explain such an incident unless…Brian was lucky, his body didn’t hit the solid ground. Instead it torpedoed right in to the truck that brought in mattresses for the wards. Fortunate you say, but not that much, he tricked death not pain . Brian didn’t land body first on the mattress direct. No he didn’t! The truck was covered by a 10 cm thick aluminum cover.So yes, he had to break through the aluminum befor
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The Tang Dynasty
Who in the world is born a billionaire? Well Ben wasn’t infact, before being a wealthy and filthy rich man he is now, he was nothing but a low life peasant being choked by the daily increased budget. He had the idea, he had the strategies but he lacked the core element money, capital. Ben needed money for his dream to be a reality. So wondering where the Tang family came in in this mix-up? Well they were the number 2 richest family in Korea at the time. And were willing to finance any business that brought profit and had less taxation rates. “Drug smuggling? Mhhh! Never invested in such a venture before.” Mr. Tang sounded amazed, he was instantly admired by Ben’s imagination. “And are you certain that you will prosper in this?, because I don’t invest in illusions.” Tang questioned, he maintained eye contact with him. If he fledges he isn’t confident. Ben knew this psychology and straight in Tang’s eyes, he nodded confidently. Mr. Tang admired this quality “Hope we will enjoy this
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Second attempt
They had one shot, just one clear but they missed it, now the Tang brothers had to fly blind till they got rid of the problem, Ben! What a piece of work. The bomb didn’t kill him, what possibly can? This question haunted the Tang brothers, but then a phone came in. “Mr. Wu it’s for you…said it’s from the inside.” The servant uttered. He looked please, amidst the bad news Wu actually smiled, is that a grin? Li noticed. What possibly can make Wu smile at this tensed moment? What! Li was still in question.“Give me something good?” Wu said. Good news! Oh no, he had no idea. “I’m sorry, the brother survived, the brother isn’t dead! Blue lake hospital, third floor, ward 4, finish the job before he finishes you.” the deep voice on the other side concluded cutting the line. Talk of good news! What irony.“Down the south coast, blue lake hospital, third floor ward 4, finish the man you find, payment when done.” Wu retorted over the phone. He looked glad somehow. He just sent one henchman
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Close call
Ever heard of someone who tricked death? Well, Reuben did, not once but twice this being the second time. It’s now two minutes past and nothing, Reuben just lay there, the hostile monitor was flat, no pulse. One more minute and the doctor declared the patient deceased.How! The doctor was dumb founded, but he wasn’t the only one, the nurses and even Ben were astonished. The hostle monitor recorded a pulse, but unless it’s broken, but it’s new that means…Yes it’s true you may not believe it but the 5 voltage shock did the trick. It boosted the heart pumping system and circulated the magnesium fast enough to neutralize the poison’s effects. The nervous system was gaining stability reversing the effects of the poison. Suddenly, a breath came out, he was alive, Reuben was alive. If Jesus was the only who resurrected, maybe Reuben was the second. But it wasn’t past three minutes for someone to be declared dead, so Reuben tricked death, who knew? Ben was now glad twice, he saw his b
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Not a bad idea
Know the meaning of insanity? Well, Ben wants to have an absolute nobody with no skills, no survival tactics, a person who pisses his pants when they hear a gunshot, like Brian to be the temporary Reuben. This is meanwhile the actual Reuben is healing. That idea is the definition of insanity! Literally insanity.This decision was critical, he screws it, the business plunges down to rock bottom. He had to call the committee. “No way that is crazy! Does this dimwit even know how to hold a gun?” Elizabeth asked. She had a point, this abomination of a human being just tried to kill himself, he can’t hold a gun and now Ben wants to make him the king of the chess board? Yes maybe Ben has gone crazy. Everyone had the same thinking, the same thought, they all thought that Ben had some lose screws, literally! The bishops, the advisory council however, were open to here what Ben had to say, because he could not possibly just want to do such an unwise action without a reason. I mean was he l
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New life
He couldn’t believe it, was he still in a comma or were the drugs bringing some hallucinations? He who wore sandals as his Sunday best, wore a ragged long sleeved t-shirt as his favorite, and owned a mere 20 dollar fake Rolex watch coated in fake gold as his most prize possession, was now dressed in a 13,000 dollar tuxedo, and a real legit 45,000 dollar Rolex watch coated with ice. Who said you wouldn’t wake up rich overnight! Well Brian did and he savored every second.His 10,000 dollar debt with Gondi you wonder? Well Ben dealt with that, and for keeping him overdue Ben paid double the price, that’s 20,000 dollars!. He had money so why not spend it, he is rich isn’t he? Speaking of spending, Brian’s sister medical bills were not some 2 dollar bills, oh no! They were amounting to nearly 100,000 dollars now. Some medical bill right? But you know Ben, being a spendthrift was his favorite side of his real self, so he cleared all outstanding medical bills due, and heck! Even the doctor
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The hunt
Ben knew someone tried to assassinate his brother, and that the man was sent by the Tang brothers. He had to find this man, he was on the hunt for Rio. The word was out, as fast as a wild fire spreads on the dry grass of the African plains, so did the bounty for anyone who had Intel on the most likely suspect to have attempted the assassination.Days later in came a chain of likely suspects, but most were amateurs so it was easy picking them out. Further research analysis and there they were, down to two men, Bruno and Rio… Ben was left in an awkward scenario, on one hand he had Bruno, a hired hitman who did any task for the right price, he respected Ben but money talks. On the other hand was Rio, an also capable hitman who was known to do dirty work for politicians. He was fearful off Ben so it can’t be him unless… His thought was cut short because of a phone call that came in. “They found him, his in a warehouse down the south near blue lake hospital, right next to Billow superm
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