"Ku ri a ma n jih lu kih"

    He had been walking for a while now. He wasn't tried but kinda wanted to rest. His legs were still very much alive and his chest was no longer heavy. He only wished that his legs could take him faster than they were taking him at that moment. 

    Firstly, he had lost his newly found friend: the long thing and curvy creature. And he had lost the creature which looked almost like him but was much more delicate and somewhat comely. 

    If he could keep track of time, he could had said for how he had been walking but he couldn't simply keep track of the time. 

    He had only noticed the swaying of the large light up above him in the long lawn hovering over his head. 

   He had lots of wishes to meet with but majority of them were merely mirages. Because he would need to achieve one

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