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By: T_RAE OngoingMystery/Thriller

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Enzo Marino, a sergeant, got arrested for murder, drug trafficking, and kidnapping. He was at a loss because he didn’t commit all these crimes; footage and videos were proving that he was the one. Later, when he discovered he had a twin brother, he became the biggest criminal in the country and also the most wanted. To clear his name, he needed to catch his brother and hand him over to the cops, but that doesn’t seem easy as a lot of family secrets are revealed and justice turns to revenge. Will Enzo succeed in sending his brother to jail, or will he turn against the law and join his brother? Find out in this action novel.

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    Hello readers This is my first book and I need all the support I can get And due to my personal routine, I will be updating every Tuesday and Friday Please support my book

    2024-03-06 13:53:16
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29 chapters
The Shadow
The crisp night air enveloped the city as its inhabitants rested, unaware of the impending chaos that would soon shatter the tranquility.A phone call blared through police and military headquarters, piercing the silence like a siren wail.“Code 111, heavy alert. All units informed.”Within seconds, the once quiet command centers transformed into hives of activity.“Attention, Private First Class Leo, fall in line with your platoon,” a voice echoed from the speaker, and Leo, who had just finished having his coffee, rushed out of the office."Align,” he said, holding his military telephone, and he passed the order.In one minute, they all stood in the hall with other team members. When the lieutenant walked in, he was in his fifties and looked tense. "Where is Sergeant Enzo?” he asked after scanning through the hall. He wanted Enzo to handle the situation because he was reliable.Enzo’s best friend, Leo, raised a hand before saying, “Sergeant Enzo was giving the night off, sir.” He ye
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Is It Over?
“Standing here today, we report that Sergeant Enzo Marino was arrested just after the death of Judge Walle. Is it connected?” There were a lot of journalists in front of the station waiting for a statement.Enzo was confused as he was dragged to the station by his friend and subordinates. They didn’t even give him a chance to explain what was happening.“Leo, can you explain what's happening?” he asked. Leo was his brother from the orphanage, so if he expected someone to be casual and calm with him, then it was Leo.Leo kept quiet and ordered his men to lock him in the cell. Enzo frowned and kicked the iron door angrily.“What the hell?” He scolded, and Leo frowned before walking closer to him.“This is just the beginning of your misery, for all the lives you took. You will pay for it,” he said, glaring at him angrily. Enzo couldn’t believe the amount of hatred in his friend’s eyes.“Why will I be arrested without evidence? And I need a lawyer,” he said, and Leo smiled.“As if any law
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After an hour, the van suddenly stopped as loud gunshots echoed. Leo and his men were alerted; they retracted their weapons and were surprised to see more than five bikes driving toward them. The bikemen were dressed in black with helmets. There were two people per bike.“His people are here, no matter what. Don’t let him escape,” Leo said to his team as they fired at the bikers who kept driving in zigzag to avoid the bullets.They took out their guns and fired at Leo and his team. Leo quickly hid behind a huge pillar as he refilled his gun, shot at the bikes, and succeeded in hitting one of the men.He fell off the bike and positioned his gun to shoot one more time when a voice echoed, “Think before shooting.”Leo gasped when he saw the red dots on him. There was a sniper man somewhere. He knew better than to shoot. So he gave up, and so did his men. The bike men walked to the boot and shot the lock before pulling it open.“Enzo Marino,” one of them called out, and Enzo glared at the
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Enzo couldn’t trust Antonio’s words, so he glared at the bikes parked at the shore. “I want the key,” he said, and they understood that he meant the bike.Antonio nodded and signaled one of his men to hand his key to Enzo. He knew that Enzo was just confused and needed to get away, and he was willing to let him go. But Enzo didn’t trust him. Well, it was a wise decision.“Take the key," Enzo ordered Damon, who nodded and held the key.They both walked down the ship to the bike. “Start the bike,” he added, and Damon did as he was told; if Antonio didn’t object to him leaving, it meant he wanted him to leave.So he started the bike, and Enzo pushed Damon away while still pointing the gun at him. “One wrong move..." he warned him, and Damon raised his hands in the air as he took a few steps back.Enzo drove out at full speed. Damon glared at Antonio, who shrugged his shoulders. It was his brother, so he couldn’t hold him hostage. Besides, the whole country was now in search of him, and t
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Too Unholy
Enzo wore the helmet to avoid anyone noticing him; he had to drive to a safe place, and the only place he knew was his home, the orphanage.They will always protect him there. He drove to the orphanage and knocked on the gates.The security man noticed that it was Enzo; he immediately opened the gates for him to drive in and also informed the nuns that Enzo was there.They all hurried downstairs as Sister Jackie hugged him tightly while in tears. They had all seen the news, but they knew Enzo was innocent, so they had been praying since morning. "Enzo, my dear," Sister Jackie called while crying, and Enzo hugged her tightly as he glared at his siblings from the orphanage and other nuns. He had grown up in a Catholic orphanage, where he was taught all about our fathers and Mary, so how would he dare be a serial killer?“I am fine; everything will be fine,” he assured them.“Let’s go in first; he must be tired." Sister Nadia said, and they all agreed. So they walked in with Enzo while
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Don Luca
Back on the ship, Enzo had a nervous look as he kicked a chair angrily. “You installed a mine at the orphanage; are you stupid?” he scolded, and Antonio burst out in laughter.“If I had the chance, then I would have installed it. Can you believe he was standing on a stick?” Antonio laughed, and Enzo glared at him, confused. So there was no mine? Why does this man take everything like a joke?“You are crazy,” Enzo said, and he was frustrated. This man placed him in this situation, and now he is saving him from it.“Why did you do this? What is your goal?” Enzo asked, and Antonio frowned. He suddenly became serious.He walked into the cabin while Enzo followed, and Damon was sitting on the couch as he watched the news.Antonio took out three glasses and a bottle of wine before handing one to Damon and Enzo, who hesitated before taking it.“Enzo, check out your childhood brother,” Damon said as Leo was on the news.“The shadow, Enzo Marino, was spotted at the orphanage, and once again he
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The Promotion
"Okay guys, explode their brains," Antonio ordered his men as he retracted his rifle from behind him and he decided to go inside the forest and find out who dared attack him in the dark.Enzo did the same; they were at a disadvantage if the enemy could see them, but they couldn't. He walked for a while and noticed that the shooting had stopped.Then he spotted a black car in the forest. He didn’t know them, but it was clear that they were the ones shooting now.He placed his gun ready to shoot the tires when Antonio approached him quickly and held his gun. “Let them go,” he said, and Enzo was shocked. These people almost killed them.“Seriously?” he asked, and Antonio nodded as they watched the people drive away.“They came to welcome me,” he said, and Enzo’s jaws dropped. Was this man a psycho, or was everyone in Italy a psycho?They returned and got into the car; the injured were helped to the car by the other men when they drove away.“Brother, was it Don Luca?” Damon asked curiou
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A Coward
In Italy…Enzo couldn’t sleep the entire night. He stood by the window of the room he was shown to, glared downstairs, and saw some men carrying new guns to the van.He checked the clock on the wall, and it was still 5 a.m. He knew that this was an illegal business, but what was he supposed to do? Go downstairs and arrest them.Jackie and the others must be worried about him; he needed to let them know he was safe, but he didn’t have a phone. He checked the wardrobe and found some new clothes there.It seems everything was arranged for him. He walked to the bathroom and took a cold shower before wearing blue jeans and a black T-shirt.He walked out of the room when the door opposite him was pushed open. A slim lady, half-dressed, ran out of the room. She glared at him; her hair was a mess, and she looked miserable.She slightly bowed to him before rushing downstairs. Enzo frowned before he walked to the room and found Antonio standing by the window while holding a gun.“Enzo Marino,”
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The Victim Of Tragic Love
Enzo walked downstairs when he saw the old man sitting by the window sipping a cup of coffee. He thought for a while and decided to approach him. The old man glared at him and smiled.“Are you enjoying your stay here?” he asked, and he shook his head in denial before glaring outside.“You say you are my grandfather?” He asked, and the man nodded.“Then tell me, what type of life is this? Why did you raise Antonio this way?” Enzo asked with a bitter tone, and the old man chuckled.“I think life made him who he is; he found me when he was filled with anger and rage. But he has a heart; he never wanted to add you to this revenge journey, and that's why he never came to you,” he explained.“But he did, and he came to me like a storm." Enzo chuckled painfully. He will make sure to clear his name and own his name as the sergeant.“Well, I have a gift for you,” the old man said, and Enzo glared at him, surprised.“Follow me,” he said, pushing his wheelchair toward the room at the edge of the
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Enzo Is Wrong
Meanwhile…. Antonio stood in front of the Ginsen warehouse with Jude. They decided not to go with their men because they might gain attention. "You should rethink this; the Ginsens won't spare us and your entire family," Jude said, and Antonio laughed before receiving a call from Damon. "How is the situation there?" he asked. "Don Luca didn't show up," he said, and Antonio smiled before hanging up. "That man had the guts to attack me," Antonio said. He was a very vengeful person and didn't forget about Don Luca's attack yesterday when they arrived. "What will you do to him?" Jude asked, confused. "If the formula gets missing, then the Ginsens will go after the family who was not present at the club, as for me. I am present." Antonio kept laughing. He was going to let these two powerful families ruin themselves, and he would finally emerge as the strongest in Italy. "No more talking; let's get to action." They both put on their masks, loaded their guns, and went in according to
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