The Imp and the Six Month old baby

        ""I'm scared. I feel restless. Never felt like this in a long time. I don't know what's wrong with me but I'm sure that it's an omen. I'm really scared and I feel like staying up all night. I don't even know which of the feelings to choose. Whether to stay up all night or just go out with our baby."

    A woman said. She was sitting opposite a man. The room was fairly illuminated. There was a lantern sitting on the top of what was close to a cupboard. 

   He looked at her. He seemed fed up with her complaints and couldn't possibly stand it,

     "You know that's a crazy thought right? Going into the dark with our only 6 month old baby. Quit that thought please before you get on my nerves."

    He said, picking a chop of the cooked meat in the bowl. The fat lump seemed too big for his jaws, so he tried as much as possible to crunch it. At least the best way he could. 


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