Chapter 413: Sophia Gets Upper Hand

Sophia used every trick in her arsenal to gain the upper hand, her movements fluid and unpredictable. She feinted, ducked, and weaved, making it difficult for Lauren to anticipate her next move.

"You can't keep up with me," Sophia taunted, landing a swift jab to Lauren's ribs.

But Lauren was resilient, refusing to back down. She countered Sophia's attacks with precise blocks and calculated strikes of her own.

"Don't underestimate me," Lauren growled, deflecting Sophia's punches with well-timed parries.

The two women continued to clash, their movements a blur of speed.

Sophia's tricks were effective, but Lauren refused to be outmaneuvered. She adapted to Sophia's tactics, anticipating her moves and countering with her own.

Their fight escalated from punches and kicks to a desperate grapple, each trying to gain the upper hand. In a moment of fury, they locked onto each other's necks, fingers tightening around throats as they struggled for dominance.

Locked in a deadly struggle, Lauren
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