Hazeed : Guardian Of The World

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Hazeed : Guardian Of The World

By: MDW OngoingHarem

Language: English

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Expelled and humiliated, Hazeed was shattered and broken. He finally accepted a mysterious offer that had come to him two weeks earlier. The two options that emerged would give him both bonuses and sanctions. It all depended on what he accomplished. One by one, he completed the missions. Hazeed began his revenge. A gaming system that changed his life one hundred and eighty degrees never stopped giving him missions that involved Hazeed in many other problems. At the same time, someone discovers him as the hidden heir to a scientist's vast fortune. Hazeed is not an ordinary man anymore!

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  • Electro lord


    Nice book, fell in love with it right from the first chapter. Good work author, waiting for new chapters.

    2024-01-20 13:30:20
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18 chapters
It was early in the morning, but Hazeed's misfortune had already begin.Hazeed, who was washing his bike, was shocked when the landlady threw everything out of his room.Not only that, but she turned off the water tap."Get out of here right now, you're five months in arrears and you're still wasting water! This room is already rented!" said Ms. Lisa."But ma'am, I'm still working on it," said Hazeed, hurriedly putting down the water hose and quickly tidying up his clothes that were scattered outside the room."No, you can't! Leave now because the person will be here soon," said Mrs. Lisa adamantly.Hazeed could only remain silent. He realized that he was five months in arrears and it was very good for him that Ms. Lisa was only kicking him out now.Hazeed couldn't do much about it. He quickly carried his meager belongings away on his old moped.The sun was still warm on his tan skin. Hazeed's only thought this time was to try to find a rooming house that he could fill without having
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An Unlucky Day
"Sir, I didn't do anything wrong, sir!" said Hazeed when two policemen arrived and immediately handcuffed him.There was even more commotion outside the clinic. Students who were arriving for classes now gathered in the clinic courtyard.Many of them began documenting and sharing information about Hazeed's arrest on social media."My day is complete," Hazeed thought as the police patrol car drove away from the clinic with him.Arriving at the police station, Hazeed was immediately questioned and bombarded with so many questions.The man really couldn't answer what the investigators were asking because he wasn't involved in the drug cartel as they intended."How much do you get paid to keep your mouth shut like this?" one of the police officers snapped at him.Hazeed repeated his answer."I don't know the woman, let alone get paid, I am the victim of the collision, sir, what is the fate of my motorcycle?" Hazeed said with half resignation.But the investigators did not take his word fo
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Dropped from Campus
He was still left with many questions about the phone. He even searched the internet for the name of the cell phone but there was nothing like it.A large phone like a handy talkie but with a screen that was very different from most phones today. Especially in its features.Hazeed, who was trying to figure this out, finally fell asleep very soundly because he was tired after all the things he had been through."I Am Omega, who woke me up?" someone said. But Hazeed, who was fast asleep, didn't notice.The warm morning touched Hazeed's face.Staying in that hut all night made him think hard now. Even though he was losing his way. But he didn't want his grandparents back in the village to know what had happened to him."I have to go to the college," Hazeed said.Using a water source he found near the field, he washed his face and cleaned his body. He separated some of his clean clothes.Once he was dressed, Hazeed walked to the campus to attend his classes. Hazeed himself is an outstandi
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Trial Mission
"Come in, follow the route that will guide you, Mr.H!" Omega's voice sounded so cold this time.Hazeed then stepped inside."What? This is a driverless car? Autopilot? It really works systematically using a computer system connected to its center?" Hazeed said in amazement."Sir, Omega will lead you to your first mission," Omega said.TREKThe black car locked and accelerated to a lake behind an old factory.This lake was an artificial lake in the middle of the city, used as a water catchment area for the city."What should I do here?" said Hazeed."First Mission, save the children," said Omega, accompanied by the sound of a door opening.BUKKHazeed tumbled to the ground, as his chair had apparently shifted with him."You suck! Can't you just put me down quietly! What a lousy system!" grumbled Hazeed as he patted his clothes that had become soiled with dirt."Help! Help!" said someone from the lakeside.Hazeed was stunned to see two people struggling at the edge of the lake trying to
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Barely Surviving the Uzibey Tunnel
"Next to your house is Ms. Lisa's boarding house," said Mr. Kardi.Hazeed frowned.A room on the outside of the house was then handed over to him. Hazeed felt very much at home, especially since there was a parking lot here too, which allowed him to save money."Thank you son, I hope you feel at home," said Mr. Kardi, who had rented out one of the rooms in his house to Hazeed."You're welcome sir, I'm very grateful that you offered me a room," said Hazeed.He immediately cleaned up the room that would now be his home. He was grateful that he could finally sleep comfortably again.Even so, his mind was still confused by the OMEGA system that kept appearing on his cell phone.It was getting late, and Hazeed felt free. He took out his antique cell phone and started to turn it on."It won't turn on?" said Hazeed in confusion. He then tried to charge it, but nothing fit into the charger hole."What kind of data cable is this?" said Hazeed as he continued to look up the size and specificati
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The Pink Package
"Whose package is this?" Hazeed asked, gazing at the wall, but he couldn't find anyone there.Still startled, the man saw a series of strange numerical codes. He often encountered such random numbers when downloading or logging into web pages on the internet."Welcome back, Mr. H! With Me."Hazeed finally felt relieved upon hearing Omega's voice. This made Hazeed think that the codes he had seen earlier were sent to him by the system."What else do I need to do? If I've received the package, does that mean it's safe?" Hazeed spoke through his old cellphone to Omega."Reload system, activated!" Omega kept repeating that command. "What's happening?" muttered Hazeed."Oh no! So it's not finished yet?" grumbled Hazeed, seeing his phone suddenly spinning without any signal on the screen, proving that this mission was still incomplete."A pink package. Hufht! Very tacky. Who could have sent a package with wrapping like this? It's very strange and doesn't make sense, too exaggerated in my op
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Another User
Hazeed himself became increasingly unfocused as the woman in front of him seemed to be inviting him to wander around."Why haven't we found the restroom yet?" Hazeed asked."Almost there," replied the beautiful woman in front of him, remaining calm.Hazeed's eyes then scanned every corridor they passed. There were numerous locked rooms along the way. The farther they walked, the more Hazeed began to wonder.This place seemed like a maze, making him forget where he initially entered."Stop! I won't keep following you. Tell me who the owner of the package is that you're referring to because I'm carrying this for someone," Hazeed said, scrutinizing the woman in front of him, who smiled teasingly at him."Come on, user, don't joke around. You're already in the place where you have to deliver the package. Why do you seem unhappy? Doesn't that mean this mission will be completed?" the woman said to Hazeed.Hazeed felt increasingly odd and confused; he sensed something suspicious about the w
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About Mazda
"Of course, I'm escaping from your lackeys!" Hazeed exclaimed, keeping the tip of his dagger pointed at Mazda's slender neck. The woman, seemingly a mix of Arab, Latin, and Spanish blood, possessed a flawless body and exotic skin that made Hazeed's eyes dance with her beauty.Reluctantly, Mazda stepped forward, feeling defeated this time. The seemingly insignificant man he underestimated had just made him bend the knee, rendering him unable to resist."I am very sure you don't have the courage to do it," murmured Mazda as they moved slowly, igniting Hazeed's blood once again."Is that what you think? Then, what about this?" Hazeed said, slowly slicing the soft skin on Mazda's slender neck with the tip of his dagger.The scent of Mazda's fragrant body began to captivate Hazeed, inducing an inexplicable and peculiar sensation. However, soon after, the metallic smell of fresh blood trickling from the woman's skin cut by the dagger filled the air.Hazeed could even hear Mazda's stifled cr
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About Bella
Hearing Mazda's lengthy explanations throughout the journey made Hazeed repeatedly take heavy, ragged breaths. He was still together with Mazda."You said Omega will know when users are together? How does it happen?" Hazeed inquired."Oh come on, Buddy. IP address. They don't need to track it; I'm sure they can see our current location within their data. That's why I've been turning off my GPRS and 5G data since earlier," Mazda replied.Hazeed took another deep breath. He then parked his car in one of the restaurant's lots. "What do you want here?" asked Mazda."To eat. Aren't you hungry?" replied Hazeed, unlocking his car door and swiftly stepping out. He disregarded Mazda, who was now stumbling behind, trying to keep up.Hazeed walked in and froze in the entrance. "Hey, are you alone?" Radith greeted him, affectionately holding Bella beside him.Hazeed swallowed hard. He never expected to bump into Bella here. His gaze fixated on the face of the most beautiful moon, who was now tryi
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Pair Mission
Hazeed quickened his pace. He immediately ran back towards the car parked over there."Go!" Mazda shouted, worsening the situation.Meanwhile, the sound of gunfire following them became louder. The man could barely dodge the shots fired using sharp bullets aimed at him. Hazeed stumbled on the sidewalk, causing him to fall onto the asphalt, barely surviving."Wait!" Mazda yelled, opening the car door and rushing towards Hazeed. With Mazda's help, Hazeed finally survived and escaped from the long-range shots that seemed to come from nowhere."They're lurking from all directions. Do you now understand how terrifying the Omega system is?" Mazda said while assisting Hazeed to get up from the asphalt. If only earlier... Mazda hadn't rushed to shorten the distance with Hazeed; the bullet might have pierced Hazeed's body by now."Why do they create rules that aren't explained but must be followed! A joint mission with a radius they also regulate!" Hazeed grumbled. He grumbled irritably and sta
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