Chapter 412: Sophia vrs Detective Lauren
Immediately, Sophia threw herself onto the bed, her exhaustion evident in the weariness that weighed down her limbs. However, just as she was about to succumb to sleep's embrace, a nagging thought interrupted her peace.

"How could I forget my phone downstairs?" she muttered to herself, eyes snapping open with a sudden realisation. With a resigned sigh, she rose from the bed and made her way out of her room.

Meanwhile, Detective Lauren, after ensuring the coast was clear, silently slipped into the grand Hall of Geronimo's house. The air was thick with silence, punctuated only by the faint hum of the television.

Tightening her grip on her gun, she began to cautiously survey her surroundings. Her gaze alighted upon a bag sitting prominently on the centre table. Intrigued, she approached and gingerly lifted the bag's flap, revealing its contents.

Inside the bag was filled with guns of sizes, from pistols to others.

Setting the bag of firearms aside, Detective Lauren began to methodically
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