001.7 | Gratitude For Saving Me

Ru Weimin's eyes flashed with a cold glint as he continued scanning the subsequent documents. Jun Zihao applied to their company many months ago. Because of his good qualifications and the recommendation handed down by his university, Jun Zihao was able to secure a favorable spot inside the company.

He is presently working in the creative department as a new employee without a distinct position. The process into which he entered was so ordinary nobody would think that he was the son of a very prestigious family.

Ru Weimin continued scanning the information, but none of it was absorbed into his mind. He was considering of other possible reasons this person had entered his company. Due to this family entanglement, Ru Weimin ignored the following piece of information that held Jun Zihao's recent hospitalization...

He had encountered different people. Despite his cold glare and frosting words, Ru Weimin knows he is quite popular with the masses. It was due to his excellent ruling that brought all the respect and loyalty to him. Aside from that, nobody can ignore his good looks. Both men and women wanted to occupy his bed just to earn the luxury.

Ru Weimin could identify if someone was scheming or not.

Most of the time, he was surrounded by people who wanted to cling to his golden thigh, while some looked at him with hate and envy. He didn't want to tire himself by dealing with these people, so he clearly expresses his displeasure.

He is only kind to those people whom he knows were loyal to him, merely regarding them "more human" than the background characters.

So this was the first time he regarded someone who could be considered a "background character."

San Zhao, the secretary, arrived at his usual time. He is carrying a coffee cup bought from some famous coffee shop chain with his suit hanging on his arms. He walked inside the room casually, heading towards his designated little office when he noticed the appearance of the person sitting on the CEO's chair.

Ru Weimin was already looking at his laptop with a solemn air. San Zhao wondered why this person seemed to be irritated first thing in the morning, so he approached him to ask the question.

Unknown to most people, San Zhao is Ru Weimin's distant cousin and a childhood friend. Their relationship was established when they were still young. San Zhao had no qualms about being the family heir, so he followed Ru Weimin to become useful.

He already grasped the potential of the man, so he did not think twice about following him. Ru Weimin also accepted him without question, and so San Zhao had become his most trusted aid.

Skeptically speaking, San Zhao had become someone who was capable to interpret Ru Weimin's emotions beneath the frosty mask. With just one look, he could tell if the other party was cheerful or feeling down.

Right now, all he can sense from Ru Weimin is an emotion of irratedness. He almost resembled a spoiled young master that was sulking because he had been unable to get the toy he wanted.

San Zhao stated, "You seem to be in a bad mood."

Ru Weimin only glanced at him once before looking back at his laptop. San Zhao took a sip of his coffee, still not letting go of the childish action.

"So what made your day bad?" He asked.

The other still did not answer. Instead, it started typing whatever it was right away. San Zhao recognizes his limits, so he did not delve deeper into whatever was causing Ru Weimin's foul mood. He walked back to his place when suddenly Ru Weimin's voice called out. He stopped in his tracks, turning around to confront the cold face of the gentleman.

This man... why was he acting so tsundere all of a sudden?

"Is he fine?" Ru Weimin asked.

"Fine... who?" San Zhao also questioned.

"That new person," Ru Weimin added.

"What new person..." San Zhao murmured under his breath when he recalled something.

Looking back to what happened yesterday, was he asking about the state of that new employee? San Zhao stared at the face of his cousin to confirm it before replying with a vague answer.

"Well... I haven't checked on it yet. Want me to look over it?"

Ru Weimin did not make a sound reply, but San Zhao knew the latter wanted him to check on it. He unlocked his phone while thinking about what made this cold boss become interested in that person.

As what he can recall, Ru Weimin's expression also faltered yesterday when he looked at the young man. Maybe something about him made Ru Weimin act like this? San Zhao thought of any reason, but it always made him look at Jun Zihao as a simple employee. Aside from his qualifications, there is nothing significant about him.

The call only lasted a few minutes, and San Zhao reported the findings to his boss. It seems that Jun Zihao was discharged after finishing his IV bag. They could merely guess at what might come next. Ru Weimin nodded slightly, still having that frown on his face.

San Zhao could no longer contain his curiosity. Even if this reserved cousin won't tell him anything, he could just ask his men. After all, they all know that San Zhao acted as the worry-wart mother between the two.

"So, is that new person the one who made you gloomy?" San Zhao asked.

Ru Weimin still did not give any answer. San Zhao wanted to tease his boss, so he continued asking.

"Perhaps you wanted to meet him? Are you interested?"

San Zhao thought that even though his cousin had never dated someone before, it didn't mean he like women or men altogether. His aloof and cold attitude did not bother to show his uninterest in things like love and relationships.

However, for someone to suddenly have this kind of reaction, does it mean he liked men?

No, maybe he only liked Jun Zihao?

Taking into account Jun Zihao's appearance, indeed, he possessed some pleasant looks. It wasn't to the point that it could match Ru Weimin's, but he definitely had a charm. Aside from his looks, he also has a good attitude that causes anyone want to work with him.

This kind of attitude is eminently valuable in this environment, where teamwork is more needed than individual work. This might be the reason why Jun Zihao was favored by most of the head departments and wanted him to become part of their team.

If it was him, San Zhao would have no objection. It was enough as long as it made this cold boss feel something.

"Well, if you are really interested in him, then I can arrange a dinne-"

While San Zhao was devising something on his mind, Ru Weimin suddenly turned his laptop over. This was to make San Zhao follow whatever was on the screen. The secretary glanced at the gadget for a while before digging into whatever was inside.

While he was reading the document, the fresh smile on San Zhao's face suddenly distorted, becoming a frown close to Ru Weimin's. Barely just reading this unimportant document was enough to answer all of San Zhao's accusations.

"You think he is a spy sent by the Jun's?" San Zhao's first question.

All the good thoughts that he had harbored from Jun Zihao suddenly crumbled. He now considers him in a completely new light.

If not, then what was his purpose for entering the company? If it was not to spy, then he just want to work honestly?

"But the Jun Family was never hostile towards us. As far as I know, they remained in their position as what they were decades ago. Under no circumstances in the past did I hear any scheming coming from them," San Zhao pointed out.

The Jun Family has no reason to ruin them.

But then again, it doesn't mean they will forever stay silent. Even though the Jun family wasn't a great business company, it is still one of the most respected residences in the country. Their family lineage started from the ancientest dynasties, imparting them a rich historical value.

Even if all of their companies become bankrupt, their fame will still continue to shine. The government will undoubtedly help to preserve their bloodline until the next generation.

The Ru industries may be the dominant force, but no one can undo the Jun's legacy.

"We can't act recklessly. Even if he is indeed a spy or not, we are not sure about his purpose for joining the company," San Zhao bit his lips. Having a suspicious person around is a dangerous risk. "How about observing him for a while? If we see something wrong, we will quickly haul him out. How is that?"

"Promote him to become my personal secretary," Ru Weimin stated.

San Zhao's eyes widened. "Eh? But-"

"Keeping the enemy close by is an advantage. I can observe him better."

San Zhao ignored the self-proclaimed [I can observe him better] and agreed. He contacted the front desk to inform them when Jun Zihao arrived at the company.

Right on time, the person they were discussing had actually just arrived, so he ordered the personnel to tell Jun Zihao to come up. Jun Zihao quickly complied and headed out to meet the boss of the company. Obtaining the confirmation, San Zhao notified Ru Weimin.

"Do you want me to monitor his every movement starting now?" San Zhao asked.

"There's no need. I already had my men do it," Ru Weimin declined.

San Zhao just shrugged his shoulders. Though, as he was returning to start doing his work, a sudden thought stirred in his mind. This thing... Ru Weimin had no way of knowing this information unless he made his inquiry first.

Does it mean that before he learned about Jun Zihao's status, he already held some interest in the youth?

San Zhao suddenly became restless. If it was true, then, if Jun Zihao is not a Jun, the possibility of Ru Weimin indeed taking an interest in the youth...

The secretary heaved a sigh. He has had no say in this. No matter what kind of logic he has, he still can't understand Ru Weimin's thinking. His powers only allowed him to recognize Ru Weimin's emotions, not read his thoughts.

The only people that can clearly identify what is on his mind are his parents and his younger sister. Maybe he should seek help from Little Rou to get his answers?

San Zhao happily typed that reminder on his phone before returning to his work. At the same time, Jun Zihao's image resurfaced from the separating door of the elevator. The actors are already in the same setting.

Jun Zihao hid a smile as he thought that everything was now under his control.

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