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Qi Sying can't remember anything. Aside from the fact that he is not dead, or had not met any unfortunate events, Qi Sying was given a System to finish a task. And that is to complete the missing shards of a broken kaleidoscope. The missing shards can only be found by jumping into worlds. Qi Sying 'agreed' to the condition until he realized that the missing shards actually contained his missing memories. As he traveled through the worlds, he did not only find who he is, but also discovered the tragic reality of missing his memories.


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0000 The Broken World
Qi Sying can't remember anything.    He knows he had never been in an accident before, nor experienced anything fatal enough to activate the so-called 「SYSTEM」 that was given to him by a person who was clad in white clothes.    His mind is blank. No events pertaining to his former self remained in his mind. Though, he is most clear to his body's disposition. He is human and the place he was in not a place where humans should exist. A voice is telling him from the deepest part of his soul, saying, 'You should not be here'.    He did not belong here.    However, there are still a few things that Qi Sying can remember. He knows his name by chance, that he is already twenty years old, and his appearance is very average. His image is something one would forget after three seconds of meeting.    These were the facts that were usually e
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001.1 | Gratitude for Saving Me
Qi Sying gasped for air as he groggily regained consciousness. He remained motionless for a moment when a sharp throbbing pain suddenly whacked his head. Qi Sying whimpered, biting his lips to stop his voice from leaking.    It took him a while to regain focus and called the system frantically, ASAP.    A cold voice spoke inside his mind. The system is narrating his successful transfer mechanically. It didn't alleviate the incessant throbbing of his temples and made it worst. Qi Sying felt a sudden overwhelming desire of smashing his head against the wall.    He had no idea transferring worlds could be so vexing.   [This system can reassure the host that transferring worlds is not painful. The pain the host is feeling is from the body the host resided.]   Qi Sying gritted his teeth, trying to retain his reason. His brows are sweating prof
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001.2 | Gratitude for Saving Me
Upon opening his eyes for the second time in this world, Qi Sying was greeted by the sight of himself in yet another white room. The difference is that he was able to immediately recognize the type of room in which he was staying. After perceiving numbing pain in his left hand, Qi Sying made a short sigh. He doesn't have to turn his wrist to see that he has a dextrose line attached to it. Using his right arm, he soothed the area from his brows up to his temples in a gentle manner. The discomfort is still present, but it can be tolerated for the time being. "System, what just happened?" He inquired after double-checking that he was the only one in the room. [Host fainted. You were sent to the hospital by your co-workers. Anytime later, you would have died. You have been sleeping for half a day.] "Half a day?" Qi Sying rubbed the inside of his brows together. "What's going on?" [I am waiting for host to wake up.
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001.3 | Gratitude For Saving Me
"This plot..." Qi Sying contemplated. "... is so simple." Compared to the dramas that he had watched on TV, this plot's interaction was so simple that he already knew the outcome of the story even though he was still in the middle of scanning the memories. Jun Zihao lived a comfortable and good life.  There were no mistresses or illegitimate children to fight with, or at least some distant cousin that wanted to take their place. His brothers were not vying for any position while his parents doted on him very much.  And for the f
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001.4 | Gratitude For Saving Me
[A/N: Qi Sying and "Jun Zihao" will be used interchangeably. Please comment if it gets confusing.] Later that day, Qi Sying arranged a family dinner. It was at a five-star restaurant known for its delicious home cooking. The Jun family used to enjoy spicy food; the more spicy, the better. But due to Jun Zihao's health condition, they rarely eat one together. Thus, Qi Sying ordered a lot of Sichuan dishes. The Jun Family was not aware that Jun Zihao had returned to the city. Though they did know he graduated from university, they expected that he would be taking a vacation first before returning. The person himself did not divulge them his plans, leaving him vulnerable to all kinds of bullying. If ever his family were there when he needed help the most, Jun Zihao won't die tragically. Once the table had been set, he contacted the main house. The people were discussing the meal for dinner when Jun Zihao's call came in. Mother Ju
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001.5 | Gratitude For Saving Me
He woke up the next day in accordance with his body's natural waking hours. Following the routine, he went to the sink to brush his teeth, took a short bath, and then prepared a simple breakfast. There was nothing much to bring to the office since most of his things were left in the lockers, so he merely needed his keys, his phone, and other necessities. Before seven, he was already out of his apartment. It can be asserted that Jun Zihao is living his life monotonously. His daily life is only detailed between his work place and home. Qi Sying, who was watching Jun Zihao's repetitive routine, could not help but to feel itchy. There is nothing wrong with going to work on time or properly working during work hours. But Jun Zihao was too stiff. He doesn't know any enjoyment. If he was not at the company to read documents, then he was at home doing the similar thing. He only changed locations. Even on weekends, when people were supposed to take a r
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001.6 | Gratitude For Saving Me
Ru Weimin was reputed to be an extremely frigid man. Only a few people were truly important to him, and they were his closest family members and childhood friends. Other than that, he would treat everyone sternly and strictly. He wasn't bad; it's just that none of them could pique his interest. Most of the time, his interactions with these "unwanted people" were short and precise. He never would hide his oppressive aura and would often intimidate the other person if he was in a bad mood. Only a few people can handle his temperament, but they still won't try to test his bottom line. He was like a tyrant emperor, always demonstrating his power to threaten society. Everyone knows that ever since he was still young, Ru Weimin had achieved what an ordinary person could not get. He was a character who was born just to become great and powerful. He started reading at the age of one. When children were just learning how to walk, he was already
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001.7 | Gratitude For Saving Me
Ru Weimin's eyes flashed with a cold glint as he continued scanning the subsequent documents. Jun Zihao applied to their company many months ago. Because of his good qualifications and the recommendation handed down by his university, Jun Zihao was able to secure a favorable spot inside the company. He is presently working in the creative department as a new employee without a distinct position. The process into which he entered was so ordinary nobody would think that he was the son of a very prestigious family. Ru Weimin continued scanning the information, but none of it was absorbed into his mind. He was considering of other possible reasons this person had entered his company. Due to this family entanglement, Ru Weimin ignored the following piece of information that held Jun Zihao's recent hospitalization... He had encountered different people. Despite his cold glare and frosting words, Ru Weimin knows he is quite popular with the masses. It was due to his
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001.8 | Gratitude For Saving Me
The entire top floor is regarded as the company's pinnacle. This was the humble abode of the Great Emperor Ru Weimin. The floor was divided into three considerable sections. The first section was known as the Executive Hall. Anyone entering the top floor will immediately come into contact with this dark polished stone brick wall embedded with large lettered gold fonts embellished with LED lights to glorify its position. Turning a corner, the office surrounded by one-way dark stained glass walls would be seen. A conference table coupled with gray carpeted chairs was placed inside, facing a platform with a rostrum set up adjacent to the door. Both floor-to-ceiling windows were covered with venetian blinds. An overhead projector was installed on the ceiling, with a wide whiteboard occupying the stark wall behind the rostrum. There were additional microphones, one at the table and one on the side of the stage. Other decorations, like potted plants, were a
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001.9 | Gratitude For Saving Me
The ladies were troubled by Qi Sying's distraught expression. This person would not appear unless someone specifically requested his presence, right? Furthermore, no matter how meticulous San Zhao was, there were instances when he forgot to alert the personnel on the reception of someone's arrival. They recalled that they had previously blocked the CEO's sister from visiting her brother. They got in contact with the CEO's office because they didn't want something like this to happen again. As was customary, the call would be channeled through the secretary before being forwarded to the CEO. San Zhao answered the phone right away. Jun Zihao's appearance prompted him to immediately make an excuse, telling the lady to hold the call for a minute since there was another call on the same lin
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