001.6 | Gratitude For Saving Me

Ru Weimin was reputed to be an extremely frigid man.

Only a few people were truly important to him, and they were his closest family members and childhood friends. Other than that, he would treat everyone sternly and strictly.

He wasn't bad; it's just that none of them could pique his interest.

Most of the time, his interactions with these "unwanted people" were short and precise. He never would hide his oppressive aura and would often intimidate the other person if he was in a bad mood. Only a few people can handle his temperament, but they still won't try to test his bottom line.

He was like a tyrant emperor, always demonstrating his power to threaten society.

Everyone knows that ever since he was still young, Ru Weimin had achieved what an ordinary person could not get. He was a character who was born just to become great and powerful.

He started reading at the age of one. When children were just learning how to walk, he was already calculating numbers. The moment he turned eight, Ru Weimin had already graduated from elementary school. He skipped the entire junior high school and completed high school before reaching fourteen.

Ru Weimin shone more when he entered university. In just two years, he had finished two particular courses with excellent grades before he proceeded to secure a master's degree. If not for his father's handing him the company when he reached eighteen, Ru Weimin will continue to take up more courses to fill his resume and show everyone how he lived up to expectations.

Many envied him, but most of the people worshiped him, especially the women. Who didn't want a handsome guy who has excellent grades, good physical ability, and was rich?

Ru Weimin became an existence comparable to a male god.

It merely took three years for Ru Industries to overtake the companies at the top. Under Ru Weimin's ministrations, every project and product released by the company will always be a hit. He placed Ru Industries in the spotlight, standing alongside with the companies that had been running for decades.

His talent in business made the veterans look up at him with respect, which added to the fact that Ru Weimin was not only business-smart but also very good-looking. Many of his business partners offered their daughters for marriage, but Ru Weimin refused them diligently.

It seems that he was not only a formidable opponent but also a man with a stone heart. He did not want to associate himself with other worldly matters other than his business. Romance was a fickle thing that he very much avoided.

Many people have said the person that can make Ru Weimin's heart waver will be the most amazing person in the whole world.

However, yesterday, only just seeing the half-dead expression of that new employee made Ru Weimin's cold facade waver. It wasn't love at first sight since butterflies and shits are superficial for him; rather, it was a feeling of wanting to pet someone.

Yes, you read it right. Ru Weimin suddenly had the urge to reach out to that person and pet his head like a dog. Despite the slug-like appearance of Jun Zihao, he still had the imagination to do so.

For him, Jun Zihao resembled his pet dog. And Ru Weimin's best friend was his pet dog.

Looking over the desk, Ru Weimin's eyes lingered on the line-up of picture frames of his family. His family only consisted of five members - his parents, his adorable younger sister and the still very young youngest brother.

This was in stark contrast to the Jun family, which had five sons but no daughters, a fact that the brothers lamented bitterly. At least one of them should have turned into a woman! Why are there only sword wielders in their family?

One of the picture frames displayed his young self with his younger sister standing on his side and a black shaggy dog on the other. Reaching out for the object, Ru Weimin's eyes showed a longing glint while gently rubbing the surface where the dog was sitting.

The dog was a gift from his father when he graduated from high school. It has a far-off mixed breed of Siberian husky that gave its eyes a striking blue color. This eye color is almost identical to Jun Zihao's, and if ever Ru Weimin will see Jun Zihao, he will also note the matching expression between the two.

Maybe if his pet dog and Jun Zihao sat side by side, nobody would see the difference.

"Boss, we have already collected the information about him."

A man with a shaved head, black eyeglasses, and a black suit approached Ru Weimin. The gentle gaze of the boss changed, looking over with a straight expression at the folder the other man placed on his desk.

Ru Weimin suddenly felt annoyed when he realized he couldn't get the image of that person away from his head, so he made his men get information from that man. Only this move made his heart feel at ease.

The folders handed to him were the resume Jun Zihao gave to HR when he applied to the company. The other essential information was forwarded to his email. Ru Weimin first checked the paper to see the basic information about the man, like his full name, age, nationality, etc.

His name was Jun Zihao. He was already 23 years old, only five years younger than Ru Weimin. His grades from elementary to high school were rather ordinary, but he graduated from an elite school.

The picture Jun Zihao used in this biography was a graduation photo with his senior uniform on. Ru Weimin recognized the uniform since he was also a graduate of that university. He was born on April 1st, under the sign of Aries.

The information about Jun Zihao was very plain; he fit the description of a commoner. Ru Weimin didn't see anything special in the resume. Well, aside from the university's recommendation letter, there wasn't much to remember about this guy.

After that, he moved on to the next course, which was reading the document his men found from digging up Jun Zihao's background. With his network, Ru Weimin can get any information from any person. May it was the lunch that he ate three years ago on this certain date, or the people that he interacted with recently - he can get it.

As usual, the first thing that will appear is the person's biography. However, in this document, all the family members and their pictures would be present. Ru Weimin skimmed through the basic information and went straight to his family line.

An expression of surprise appeared on his straight face. The people that he had seen many times resurfaced on the screen. Just by looking at their faces, Ru Weimin can pinpoint eight out of ten resemblances between the people. There's no wonder that, aside from looking the same as his dog, Jun Zihao has a prominent facial mark.

The earlier enthusiasm to find out about this person suddenly dimmed. Seeing how nobody reacted to Jun Zihao's application means that the youth entered the company by hiding his identity.

Though Ru Weimin wasn't biased, the fact that the young master deliberately withheld his origin means that he entered the company for a reason. Why would a Jun join a company that was diametrically opposed to his own?

The Jun Family and Ru Industries had been in competition for years. Though the competition was purely for their businesses, in reality, both of the families were quite close since the founding fathers were once best friends in ancient times.

It's just that as time passed by, the relationship between the latter kin departed, causing the family-like treatment to acquaintances. Also, the rivalry between the businesses made the whole ordeal lengthen the close relationship further.

The reason why they remained in a straight line balance was because the Jun Family was a pacifist faction. They would fight but never resort to any harsh or underhanded tricks. They would rather have their company bankrupt than be tagged as a heartless family.

This honorable trait made the family a favorable business partner since they were thoroughly trustworthy in their job. Especially now, when the four brothers who were all excellent were holding the family prestige all over again.

However, it doesn't mean that they can't fight. They just don't like fighting. Jun Zihao's entering Ru Industries...

Is he here to become a spy?

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