Chapter XXIX • Maia

Unbeknownst to Severin, I believe he is yet to see many more events of that woman— “Rosalynd”— and her past life… I can feel it because this is far from a mere twist of fate!

As I make my way through a different path than the usual ones the green-haired man and I take during our raids, the occurrences of yesternight continue to play in my head— Severin’s affrighted reaction towards the dream he had is still fresh in my mind. I am worried about him… He has been quiet ever since he woke up from that horrible dream he had, claiming that t'was “one of the most terrifying things” he has ever seen. Poor man cannot seem to catch a breath.

The only thing I can conclude is that he and Rosalynd have some sort of connection. I do not know how nor why, but ‘tis the only thing that makes sense to me… The only thing they have in common is that they both are, in a way, a witch.

As I head through another village’s edge, I realize that we have never gone through this one. At least, th
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