512. The Guardian is back
Xue Wushuang dodged, slipping to one side to avoid an ambitious bone spear as she charged toward a formation of Undead. Unlike lower Tier Undead, this Tier 7 bunch had seen fit to gather strength and numbers before attacking the human settlements in the Wildlands. There were nine of them attacking together now, and the defenders of Craggy Falls had turned out in force to stop them.

Five of them never got past the perimeter defense cannons. One more was tangled with Xue Mengli over on the far left. Wushuang occupied the last three, luring them away from the defenders in Armored Frames shooting at them with gauss rifles.

She darted in, slashing low to hamstring one skeleton knight that strayed a little too far from the others. Then, she leapt back to avoid their counterattack, zipping left and right as they hurled more bone spears at her.

“Fire!” the defenders unleashed another volley, their combined firepower causing the skeleton knights to stumble, buying Wushuang an opening.

She s
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