Chapter 12: Tubig Lanak

"Goodmorning, Medallion Keepers!" Toffer was standing, smiling, in front of us.

I adjusted my seat and sat up from lying down as I rubbed my eyes with my palms.

"You're so noisy early in the morning!" Darwin groaned as he stood up from his reclining position.

"What noise? It's noon. Look, Daryanara is pregnant!" he said to our surprise.

Our eyes widened when we saw Daryanara's big belly. Seriously? We had closed our eyes for a night and she was already pregnant in the morning? How come?

"Naah? When did that happen?" I wondered the question.

"Do you want to know, Zeke?" Toffer laughed, teasing. Janet was annoyed with them while Don was looking at the emptiness without saying a word.

Janet squeezed her hand but Toffer quickly made a counterattack so the rock on the floor was hit and turned into a frog.

"Your voice sounds like a frog's!" Janet said who was already standing up in her seat.

"Croak. Croak." Toffer imi

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